If You Suffer From PTSD Read This


There is a recent study done that should be of interest to you:

BBC Link to Article About Study

What is PTSD?

[quote] Post-traumatic stress disorder is the term used to described the psychological effects of being involved in a traumatic event, such as a major car accident, a natural disaster, bullying, abuse or violent crime.

Many young people who experience very distressing events recover without experiencing PTSD - but some people do develop it.

Symptoms can include:

  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Avoiding reliving the event
  • Anxiety, unable to relax
  • Problems sleeping
  • Problems eating 



I don’t suffer from it anymore but this article is really interesting especially the different reaction between boys and girls how girls lose empathy and boys gain it from trauma, I don’t know if that’s true but certainly whenever I see someone getting bullied I have an urge to smack the bully round the head (and on one occasion did).


Hm, it seems like where ever you go society teaches boys to be heroes and girls to be rescued. Both hardcore chauvenists and hardcore (modern) feminists all seem to have this idea that it’s men’s duty to do stuff and women’s duty to expect stuff to be done for them (or to them). At least that’s what I’ve observed, and it seems to line up with what you said about the article. I don’t really have time to read it at the moment though.


It’s partly society but also partly biology (I’m going to try really hard to say this without coming off sexist) on average men are more physically suited for fighting (please note I said on average I know plenty of girls who could beat me with one hand behind their backs) it’s just how are species evolved with men better suited for fighting so women ended up doing the other jobs like cooking, looking after the kids etc. and for the most part relied on the men for protection I’m not saying this how things should or need to be but for the time being it is how they are and even if we manage to change the view and pressures of society on the matter biology is a lot harder to convince.


Rather interesting, thank you. In my experience it makes you much more aware of what to be nervous about and more erratic in how you deal with it. Sometimes it can develop into sociopathic traits or OCD which go in conjucture as a sort of self remidial cure.


Seen some things I don’t want to remember, but I’ve never seen anything I couldn’t forget.


Consider yourself lucky.


In nine years of service to my country in places where lead flies like gnats, I very much do count myself lucky.


I’ve written about five replies to this, and deleted them. I’m a woman with PTSD. I’m disconnected from my body - I often don’t experience pain or hunger - and it’s hard to describe what filter my emotions go through before they get to me. It’s made me colder in some ways, harder, farther away from the world.

But I have enough empathy that I’ll go out of my way to protect people. And my feelings are hurt whenever someone mistakes me for a sociopath.


I was hoping this would help maybe explain what was going on. I was actually thinking of you among those when I was reading this article - so I brought it here. Sometimes it helps when we know illness affects women and men differently.


I do suffer from PTSD. All started two years (and a half) ago, when i was robbed (and injured in the process).
My personal symptoms are:
-Anxiety (not the regular kind, it’s constant)
-Social Avoidance (i avoid going out late fearing it will appen again), but is getting pretty severe
and Flashback sometimes.
Not trying to be hero of this post but well if you are interested in the argument you can ask me.
P.S. Currently i take antidepressants and benzodiazepines meds (+ going to the psychiatrist once a week)


Getting off-topic, I know, but what do you mean about feminists expecting men to do stuff for or to them? Not trying to play “gotcha,” just trying to understand.

FWIW, my experience is that of a woman raised to be a feminist (Mom excels in her STEM job, and she and Dad have always expected me to work hard at being capable and smart) who broadly identifies with various civil rights/“social justice” movements.


Well I feel that a strong argument could be made that certain people who call themselves feminists seem to spend all their activism time on talking about how bad things are for women in the western world and yelling at men to fix it for them. I mean, they could be working to fix it themselves by proving how stupid the sexists are for underestimating them, but they instead focus exclusively on wallowing in the more negative aspects of our society’s treatment of women even if they have to make stuff up completely sometimes… and tend to completely ignore anything that happens that might actually be unfair to men because that’s supposedly distracting from the issue while continuing to demand that men need to fix their problems for them. Thinking of people like Anita Sarkeesian… although I don’t think there’s anyone else quite like her… I try to avoid people like that for the most part so I don’t know a lot of them, but you never really can completely.

The thing is most feminists I know of don’t seem to have any problem with these people even though they don’t act like that themselves.


Wow, there’s a lot to unpack in that post, and I’m not sure this thread is the best place to do it. Tell you what: I’ll work on a general feminism discussion thread (or post in one if it already exists here in this forum) over the next couple days and we - and anyone else who wants to participate - can hash it out there.

We now return you to your scheduled thread, already in progress.


Hm. Maybe I should show this to my dad. He used to have it in a big way. Vietnam War’ll do that to a man.


Thank you. Means a lot.