If you need artwork, I may be of assistance


Hello friends,

I am an artist and would love to break into illustration by making art for any of your current and future projects! :smile:
I included a link to some of my works below and just let me know if you are interested!




Wow, your art is impressive. I’m working on a game at the moment that will eventually need a cover page but it’s a long way off.

I can send you a link to try what has been made so far so that you can get an idea of what it might need.

Like I said though, it’s a long way off and would need to be accepted for hosting first


I think I’m a fan of it, is it the followers? I loved the concept of it


Your a fan? That’s awesome. I’ve updated it quite a bit since the original link I posted so hopefully the writing and continuity of the first chapter has improved somewhat now and the 2nd chapter is starting to take form.

Your art seems perfect though, it’s got some abstact and fantasy images but also some dark realitic ones that would suit the subject really well


Yeah exactly, I already have some scenes in mind lol. That i was imaging when I read it. A single sun blasted rock in the desert, with a lonely beetle crawling on it. awesommeeee


That sounda great. I love the idea of using the beetle in an empty world. Kind of reflects the insignificance of the followers in the story


What do you charge for artwork?


This looks really good :blush:


really depends on the project, but nothing too drastic :grinning:


When I’ve written a couple more chapters I will get you to play through, if you like it and your still up for some artwork I would love to give you the job


Great, l’m definetly interested

I was curious if you were looking for cover art or isllutrations or…?

Can’t wait to get to work :smile:


Cover art would be the main thing but I have been putting chapter headings with images which would be an option. It really depends on what interests you and how far I can stretch the money.

Definitely need the cover art though. Let me complete another chapter or 2 so you can get a good feel for it, I’m part way through chapter 2 now


Cool, (twenty characters)