If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


I guess I inwardly want to be be an explorer because a lot of my preferred super powers involve using them for exploration. But some of the following…

  • Time Travel (Going back and forth through time and seeing interesting events and meeting interesting people. Only question is whether I’d risk interfering with any events or not.)
  • Multiverse Hopping (Tied to Time Travel a bit, being able to switch to an alternate reality and see how things would be different if X happened instead of Y. Definitely avoiding Nazis win WW2 worlds of course.)
  • Invulnerability (I think full on invincibility is normally asking for trouble (since people say it means it’s inevitable you end up in a trapped situation for the rest of eternity) but being safe from harm, illness or hostile environments and not dying of anything save old age (not retaining most of your physical advantages as a younger person) would be nice.
  • Size changing (surprised no one else seems to have picked this one, but it’s probably why I like Ant Man more than some people do, because being able to shrink down and explore the world tiny sized would be amazing, so long as you had control over it. Being a giant would be cool too but I’ll likely use this power to see the world from a tiny perspective (and assuming I had invulnerability too I’d travel inside a body and see how it all works).

So some combos of those, perhaps.


If you had choose 3 of them,which would they be?


Time Travel, Invulnerability and Size Changing I think. Though given navigation would be tricky when tiny it might be handy to have either Teleportation or Flight if I was focusing on that.


I already have a power, the way of the ninja…


Threat Precognition
time stop

Attempt an attack I stop time and then play catch with my mind!


Haven’t you already said some?I don’t mind just asking…


Months ago so they don’t count lol


I could use it to get away with stuff by pretending to be someone else which is logical.
*shrug, its just a cool ability to have.
people who watch manga and anime just get shunned by people all the time, I am literally sat in a corner of my school watching an anime with a friend or reading a manga and soon we shall get deranged and eventually taking advice from people in Assassination Classroom and Death Note. in fact, I think my friend is past that point shivers she has even brought a death note…*whelp…


You’d better be on your friend’s good side…



Misogi’s Abilities

Abilities Kumagawa defeating the Candidate Student Council with his screws, but without All Fiction. Superhuman Physiology: Kumagawa’s most frightening trait is his tenacity; no matter how many times

After i posted this i cant think of anything else


I would definitely want mind-reading, the ability to talk to animals, and healing.


The talking too animals u and me both


No, it’s just the guardian/representation of anitmatter. It did stop Cyrus from rewriting the universe in his image, so it’s got that going for it.


I’d like the ability to shapeshift (into an existing animal), mind control, and superhuman intelligence.


Time manipulation, supernatural charisma and invulnerability


Wisdom. Power. Courage.


Flight, superhealing, and supersenses

Flight so I can get to places quicker. Superhealing so I can heal up quickier than an unpowered human, and supersenses because I’m a noisy person.



Haha, yes, that’s why anything less than all 3 is imbalanced. :wink:


yup, Zelda figured that out 26 years ago when she first got kidnapped by a villain and she never had the courage nor power to protect herself, Gandalf didn’t have the wisdom to realise that he will never take over hyrule and link has never had the power nor wisdom to stop Zelda being kidnapped by some random dude with stupid plans to take over hyrule (why never the world with these people?)