If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


No need to let your hate flow. As i said before, i wouldn’t pick it because it IS a everything-proof power, too unfair.[quote=“Grmreaps, post:144, topic:21474”]
I’d just like to assert my place as the OG mad god. Have a nice day.

Too bad i already knew you would do it with my omniscience and did it before…


Post 67. Omniscience that, nerd.


Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence…
And you’re complaining about Omnilock? Unbelievable.[quote=“Grmreaps, post:146, topic:21474, full:true”]
Post 67. Omniscience that, nerd.
Never said i’d do it in this forum, you’ll never know…


My problem with omnilock isn’t that it’s over-powered, it’s that it doesn’t make sense. Anyway, is all lighthearted fun-times, no need to break out the bold text. That’s the revenge text.


I’d be happy with only 2 - Invisibility and shapeshifting.

That way I can cause all sorts of mischief while invisible and I can transform into any animal or person I wish (or create my own avatar). As for the third one I’m split between psychic powers (telepathy and mind-control), time-bending and miracle-like healing powers.


Invisibility, shape-shifting, and teleportation. Nobody would ever know where I am, I could go wherever I want, and I could be anyone I choose to be. Sweet, sweet freedom.


I’m surprised that most of the people that commented want to be overpowered. Tbh I don’t even know about those omni-stuff.Anyway,I have a question for you.Why did you choose to be overpowered?Also,Happy New Year !


Why not be overpowered? Personally, I’d rather be able to do almost anything rather than limit my options to less powerful powers.


People with Omnilock are supposed to be anomalies that aren’t affected by anything in the creation, besides omnipotence. (Another power that says screw logic) Think of them as the christian god, he’s supposed to exist before everything was created, so in common sense he has omnilock too.


Even though I don’t like spiderman, there is one quote I respect: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”


responsibly Spider-Man…hmmmm

  1. got his girl killed
  2. uncle got killed because of him
  3. his fault that his best mates dad went psycho in which his son followed
  4. forgets his homework

  1. HEROES DON’T NEED GIRLFRIENDS! Also, she would eventually die anyway, Marvel World is too unsafe for anyone.
    2)Well, he was emotional at the time, since everyone around him was a jerk treating him as a nobody. I would be angry too, and in the old comics it wasn’t because of him. Now, if we’re talking about new movies, Uncle shouldn’t have gone after him, it was past midnight. And his son broke a door with no effort, he could probably return on his own.
    3)What? I didn’t understand
    4)Because he’s too busy heroing and saving people.


Green goblin you know Norman Osborn who went psycho because of green serum thingy and then his sun blamed Spider-Man and went on a man hunt for him…


And who’s to say I won’t use my power responsibly? Sure, I might fuck around, but I would build a better, peaceful universe.


Before that,you’d probably go crazy…


Crazy from what? Practically unlimited power?


Too boring.

Just look at One Punch Man.


Boring to watch, yes. But not boring for the person with the power. Again, I f I want, I could just warp reality and make myself a real life CoD, or a real life Minecraft-anything I want. I doubt it would be boring.


(change the ‘Do’ to a ‘To’ then you’ll understand what I mean)
Like in digimon and how they can enter and exit the Internet at their own free will do you mean?


That’s much better than what I had in mind. What I meant to do was to make myself able to tank a few bullets, regenerate fast, and make an arena in which me and a few soldiers could fight in, all of them with CoD level health and the like. Everytime someone ‘died’ they respawned shortly, and the like. A literal CoD.