If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


you may found me strange but i would use pee enhancement poo enhancement and FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


The power of eternal youth.
The ability to always have the exact amount of currency to pay for things.
My last ability would be regeneration because even with eternal youth getting shot would hurt.


Food generation: because food. It can also be used for offence like… burying you in burritos and it can trigger allergies like peanuts

Telepathy: your mind is mine slave!!! Eat my burritos until you die of over eating.
Portal creation: for long distance travels much better than teleportation, and I’m lazy ok.


mind control has always been the most unsettling super power to me, I have some serious problems watching most thing that involve that (Jessica Jones wasn’t the most pleasant experience for me)


One of the powers that bothers me the most is an ability to change someones memories and overwrite them with something else. I think it’s refereed to as heavens door. It was used in Bleach during the x-ecutioners arc and its a stand ability in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s very unsettling.


Isnt that call memory manipulation


1.the power of plot armor XD
2. Self molecular manipulation - so I could turn into cthulhu and basically anything (eternal youth or be like majin buu )
3. Omnipresence - so I can become cthulhu o.o


I think that’s called Mind Control…Telepathy is for messages.


Alright too much anime…I don’t know that much about anime…


That where mainly where all the powers mation comes from😃


It is, but it was called heavens door in both the shows. Maybe it’s a Japan thing.


Enhance senses, high agility, super strenght


Super speed: The ability to do more than other people, faster than other people is an incredible advantage, especially considering how short life is. My productivity would be outstanding.

Teleportation: Because public transportation sucks.

Mind reading: Because I’m sick of people lying to me. Although, frankly, this one could get weird. People think stupid things.

Alternatively, invulnerability would be a cool power to just tack onto everything else, which is kinda like what Super Man does anyway.

  1. Contract Nullification
  2. Invulnerability (except to stuff like old age b/c immortality sounds like a drag)
  3. Healing (healing other people, I’m invulnerable)

I’d be a paladin who gets people out of deals with evil spirits and trickster dudes, then fights said spirits and trickster dudes on the physical plane if necessary.


Not evil for a Girarina huh?


That will be weird Isnt giratina pokemon Satan? o.o


To be more in depth, I’ll explain how I’d use them and stuff like that.

Mind Control- Besides getting almost everything I want with it, it would be GREAT for self-defense. If someone tried to harm me, I could just use mind control to make them leave.

Shape-Shifting- I’ve always loved animals(snakes and foxes in particular), so being able to become one whenever I want would be amazing! Also, I could transform into people and maybe even fictional creatures if I practiced enough.

Energy Manipulation- This is another power that would be good for self-defense. If someone tried to harm me this time, I could just stand there and they’d be dead or weak in a matter of seconds.


And that folks is why there aren’t superpowers!Because of killing people and for those who thought practically,the burdens will remain I guess… Oh and that it is humanly impossible but that’s not the case.


Sympathy is an item to be discarded.


Vampire’s power but burning, transformation and telepathy.