If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Manipulation of plasma, ice and shadows.


Elemental control, resurrection (coming back to life everytime I die) and time manipulation…


1: Super intelligence.
2: Teleportation.
3: shape Shifting.


1: Supper Intelligence

Supper intelligence, the intelligence required to know all about Suppers and their history.

Not how to make them. Just know about them.


Intelligence level higher than humans normally possess. But it can be whatever one wants it to be. Super intelligence may mean more than knowledge of history or something. Like there is a difference between a historian, scientist and an uneducated intelligent person. One can be considered intelligent even if they are illiterate and work on a farm or something of that effect.

  1. Flight
  2. The Ability to Phase through anything
  3. And the Ability to put up invisible force fields

My superhero name would be NoClip

  1. telekinesis
  2. teleportation
  3. Telepathie
    With that you have strength, mobility and social in one, with a totally normal looking body


Shapeshifting into animals, the power over fire, and the ability to weaponise karma… so my foes can fill their sins crawling on there backs.


Also I can unleash my inner dragon


I’m just making fun of the fact that you misspelt super chief.


I want to have the power of goku, saitama and Escanooooooor.
I want the broken tier


I’ll take telepathy, time manipulation and some gravity-based shit. Probably going to end up as a criminal of sort knowing how I think but hey, you gotta enjoy life :upside_down_face:

Edit: On second thought, why be a criminal if I can live life like I have a save option. Reality’s gonna turn into some IF real quick for me :joy:


I’ll take power from JoJo Bizarre 's Adventure such as DIO’s time stop and immortality. Third probably Kira’s Sheer Heart Attack bomb.


Time manipulation. Darkness Manipulation . Super Intelligence.


The laws have changed. I don’t even remember making this comment!

Hm, well, let’s see:

  1. Shapeshifting remains the same. But to be specific, I’m thinking Mystique-esque where I can copy the physical features of anyone down to their clothes/enhancements.

  2. Time Control? Nah. I’ll take the ability of anonymity so no one knows who I am in the first place. Birth Certificate, gone. Records, deleted. Memories? Gone. True form at this point probably wouldn’t matter.

  3. Hm, I’ll also take enhanced senses and abilities. Jack of all trades, master of none. (Strength, Agility, Durability, Small Healing, Perception, Hearing).

Might as well have fun while I’m at it. Immortality is tempting, but godslaying weapons and such also exist, no?

  1. A power that would make me see the future
  2. The power to create and destroy life
  3. Mind Contro

  1. Time Reversal
    I’d go back in time and relive my childhood and take advantage of all the things I’d passed on.

  2. Telekinesis
    I’d use it to be more productive in most situations and scenarios.

  3. Mind Control
    I’d use it to varying degrees in order to become de facto ruler of the world.

Runner ups & Honorable Mentions

  • Flight
  • Immortality
  • Polyglot

  • Immortality/Invulnerability
  • Supernatural beauty
  • Elemental manipulation

I would start a crusade to purge the world from all the evil, fighting anyone who stand against freedom and peace only to realize too late I became an even worse evil tyrant than the ones I destroyed. I would be now cursed with ethernal despair.
Dang it I should have asked for different powers! :confounded:


You sound exactly like Injustice Superman & his Regime (ah the beauty of blinding self-righteousness )


…Reality manipulation? :smiley: