If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


3 huh? hummm

Give me sidestep powers :stuck_out_tongue: which is Telepath + being able to take over a body .

2nd power would be premonition ? like seeing the futur…which match with being a telepath .

3rd power not a power as such , just a good body that can handle the power I choose. Because of side effect and what not .

I’m not asking for mind blowing powers because I have no interest in those . I’m not asking for immortality because living forever is booring .

Just enough to create and change things around, and mortal enough that you will die eventually like everyone else . So if I end up abusing and relying too much on said powers…thankfully…I will eventually die.



Have you ever watched or read My Hero Academia? There are actually two characters with that kind of superpower though the limits are different. (Plus some really other cool variations of superpowers.)

(If I had 3 superpowers it would be dark matter, Gravity powers, and Earth powers. So I bascially earth/space/force powers)


I’ve read a bit. Are you referring to All for One?


Yeah him and Monoma. . (technically not a spoiler since he appears in the early chapters but just in case.)


I have been thinking if I could have one evil…ish… power… it would be control over the internet. Basically I could change the internet for the better or do things on the internet to those who might tick me off. If they prove to be total asshats I can also make it so that the Internet doesn’t EVER work for them. Since people can’t function these days without the internet I think it’s a good punishment for really annoying people.

My only concern is I fear I would get overtaken with power and probably end up making the Internet exclusively for me and people would just lock me up… at which point I have a tiff and make it so no one can use the internet. Hello, collapse of society.

So probably a good thing I cannot do that. :sweat_smile:


The ability to shapeshift into any sort of animal.
The ability to move through walls and solid objects.
And of course, Telekinesis.

Fite me.


Telepathy, Teleportation, Vivomancy: Complete control over living tissue(this includes extending your life indefinitely and turning your enemies into turtles).

Done and done


Not really. Shatterpoint doesn’t need you to read through an enemy’s memories looking for weaknesses.


The ability to shapeshift into any sort of animal.

f u u u u u u u u u r r r r r y y y y y

W r y

a l s o d o n t f l a g m e p l e a s e I a I n t j u d g I n g b u t I f e e l I h a v e t o p u t t h I s h e r e j u s t
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c a s e s I n c e l a s t t I m e I d I d n t v e r I f y s o m e t h i n g w a s n t a j o k e a t h r e a d a b o u t I t w a s m a d e

  • Teleportation
  • Werewolf transformation
  • Imagination based powers


Yes however immortality is so I won’t die from using omnipotence and omniscience is there to make sure I know exactly how to use it to its fullest potential.


If you were omnipotent I think you would be above death anyway
And if you aren’t with those powers you could find a way to skip dying


That is a good point however omnipotent does not mean immunity to death and the massive amount of power might potentially overload my body.


Chief your talking about getting god powers I don’t think logic can apply anymore.
And if you are omnipotent and omniscient you will know everything, including the means of immortality.


superspeed, reality manipulations and the power of love. Make half the oponents fall in love. The others will just be emotionally confused with Al that love coming their way. Just enough to quickly knock them out. Can always change reality if life becomes a clusterfuck with too much love in my way.


Make half the oponents fall in love. The others will just be emotionally confused

What your describing reminds me of Marvel’s Daken and his pheromone manipulation.


The tree superpowers that I want to have are :

  1. Technokinesis
  2. Consuming others
  3. Latency


What would consuming others do ?


Extend your lifeforce?


My point is that the human body is not built to host godlike powers that trancend logic and being omniscient can mean that the brain will be overloaded due to the fact that it was never meant to hold this large amount of information.