If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Most people go with either deus ex machina type powers like control time, reality, immortality etc and honestly that’s what I would go with but to keep things interesting the three I’d choose that isn’t omnipotency would be:

Refill: The ability to refill an object with it’s last filled item. Example: Empty glass, refill it with water. Empty bank account, refill with money. Gun is out of ammo, instead of reloading just refill it.
Knowledge Steal: The ability to steal another person’s knowledge. This one would need a condition, like you must know that person full name and birthdate.Then you gain the ability to steal any and all information that person has. For example knowing a martial arts expert’s name and birthdate I’ll know everything he knows from technique to weaknesses.
Save Points: The ability to save and reload my body from different points of time. For example I could save my body at the age of 9 in 2000. Then when I’m 70 years old I could reload my life to the age of 9 in 2061. The downside being I wouldn’t remember what happened in between those 61 years.

Honestly I would use this outset to save my body before injury, like before I jump down a steep cliff I would save a point before I jump, then reload after I land to not sustain injury. Use knowledge steal to recover and information I might of lost. And refill to constantly give me what I need. I think this power set is fun but not overpowered.


Shapeshifting, cloning and intangibility.


flying,teleportation,free beers


I would go with Bio-Electricity Manipulation, Energy Absorption and finally Power Negation. So that I could travel quickly and refill my energy and i could made people with godlike power just normal people in front of me


I’d probably go for telepathy, telekinesis and precognition. These are the powers I’d go with, because I’ve always liked mental powers and because Professor X is my favorite super hero of all time.


teleportation, including the ability to teleport other objects or individuals,and not requiring direct contact, provided he has an approximation of the location.

Focused Omniscience. The ability to know sought after details within a 100 meter Cubic area. Must be actively looking for said details to work, and can only look for details the Weilder can comprehend.



I would go for Telekenisis, Teleportation (like the ability to spam teleport to anywhere in eyesight hell I would take even a few meters) and the ability to stop time for a few seconds.

In a fight, stop time, pick up a road roller with my mind, reenact Jojo part 3 ending


I would go with:

  1. Telepathy

2.Virokenisis( Disease Manipulation)

  1. Fear Manipulation


Was recently helping a friend with a super hero story and came up with a power that at first my friend said was too OP until I fully explained the idea.

Basically it is the power to copy the power of anybody else (OP right?) The twist was there were limits only one power at a time and only useable once. For instance you copy someone’s ability to fly then you can fly until you copy another power then unless it is A different form of flight power you cannot copy it again. (By different form I mean for example copying superman flying power which is to do with how different krypton is to earth and human torch who flight power is different or Shazam whose power is magical in nature)

I think it’s a neat concept so thought I’d share :slight_smile:


Water manipulation
The ability to control water, freeze it move it etc. Why? Because it’s the most useful ability you will always have water close by in some form.

The ability to control and manipulate oxygen
Why it would be a extremely useful ability. And with these two abilities there is no way I could lose in a one on one fight.


If I could have three super powers, I’d likely go with Shape-shifting (animal shape-shifting), earth manipulation, and a super physique (is that the word for basically have an abnormally strong body that can take blows and hit hard?).


So you basically want to be Beast Boy, Terra & or Geo-Force with Superman’s insane physique ? That’s a pretty good combination.


Surprised that no one (as far as I read, which is like… 10 posts) mentioned going back in time :man_shrugging: All I need is the ability to go back before an argument with all my comebacks prepared and I’d be set for life :smiley:


YES :grinning:

(funny enough, I was actually going to reference two out of the four people you just listed.)

We all may have watched/read far too many stories to ever trust the power to go back in time to NOT BACKFIRE (at least, that’s why I wouldn’t touch time powers with a 39 and a half foot pole). :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I have never seen an example of a person in media be responsible with Time Travel/Control even the Flash is constantly ruining people’s lives with his constant meddling of the timeline and he’s a “Superhero” so…


Illusions, mind-control resistance or I guess a strong will? And shatterpoint (borrowed from star wars lol) allows you to see an enemies weakness like an old would they have or a weakness in their fighting style and allows you to know how to exploit them.


Couldn’t “Shatterpoint” be considered apart of Telepathy ?


Super strength, super speed and immortality( if immortality doesn’t work then i would pick being able to take bullets or rockets)


mind control
flight and invisibility


I guess so