If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


1: I can turn into any animal/ living thing in the universe,obviously including undiscovered species. Because I fucking love animals. It would be awesome!

2: The ability to bend nature to my will, and to help plants grow etc., basically EVERYTHING ABOUT NATURE EVERYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE! (and parallel universes and other dimensions)

3: Super strength, as in every living thing ever all combined would be weaker than me. IRL I’m basically a f**king fly. Weak af.

NAME: Nature’s Hero

  1. The ability to make any living thing I meet as smart as possible.

  2. The ability to pass on power 4 to any living thing I meet.

Kingdom animalia achieved.


Though by touching others, they in return touch you… It wouldn’t work if as explained, though I propose the ability to turn it on and of, aka when you are intangible and when you are not.


Invisibility, telekinesis, and flight. Imagine the trouble-I mean good you can do with those powers.


One way to explain it is that parts of your body (like the skin on your palm) can become tangible while others remain intangible.

So while it may seem like a contradiction, it is more of a magic trick.


To be a shapeshifter would be nice. Well, probably not pleasant, but a useful ability to have nontheless.

Another ability I’d like is to breathe underwater.

Aad don’t forget the skill to speak with animals. I’d be a forest goddess, yo. Hanging out with magpies and taking a stroll with some deers. :deer: :heartbeat:


Final desicion :

Complete mind control

The untouchable villain :upside_down_face:


I’m ma change mine to…

Flight Telekinesis

Elemental Manipulation (manipulation of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Can be used simultaneously or in combination too!)

Telepathy (within 10 meters radius)




Now i have thought of a good idea, My First Power is the creation of a virus that gives everyone superpowers Two i can consume and absorb anyones power, 3 complete invulnerabilty to everything. Essientaly id just walk the earth searching for people with extreme mutations/Powers that i could take for myself


Wouldn’t you already be able to manipulate all of those ‘elements’ with telekinesis, though?


No I would only be able to manipulate their physical form not control fire, water earth or air on my will (you can’t control Air with Telekinesis at all)

But it’s not much of a difference so maybe I should swap it with flight. :thinking:


Your ‘elements’ are all physical things. Even air is actually a physical thing. Telekinesis lets you control physical things, so there you go.

Okay, so only the flame of fire is physical, but controlling it would have pretty much the same effect. It would look like fire and burn stuff.

Also, you can also use telekinesis to fly.


Maybe… Telekenesis, Biological Manipulation [look it up it’s cool], and magic satchel.


Shapeshifting, Power negation field, and immunity to all non physical force powers and gadgets.(Mind control, magic, possession, corrupting energy, things like that.)

I don’t have any plans to go all super hero or villain with super powers. I’ll use them for myself, but it doesn’t mean I plan on being a dick with them. If I end up helping people every now and then? Great, but I’m not making it a full time thing. All I really want is the ability to be able to have a new body.

The other two are just to save me a whole lot of trouble when other people want to try and drag me into their crap. I don’t need to pick fights with them…but what can they really do about if I say no?


Omnipotence, omniscience and immortality


Ya diddly dun got em.


Damn right man! Mostly omnipotence :+1::rofl:


You can just give yourself the other two with the first one, though.


Organic manipulation like Alex Mercer and Technology manipulation and Immortality.