If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Meta-intangibility: I can touch you, you can’t touch me.

Absolute Regeneration. I can restore any part of myself to any previous state. And forgetting who I am or getting completely destroyed triggers a restoration to a full backup state.

Possibility eye: A small 3rd eye implanted into my forehead which sees interesting possibilities and options I can take in a given situation.


shape shifting,immortality and glowing :rainbow:


The classic flying-I always had dreams that I could do this when I was a kid, felt very peaceful.

Being able to short circuit technology at will and under my control- I hate the 1984 camera society we live in. So I would love just to be able to wreak havoc with them.

Can I choose “the force” in general- If not I guess a thing like moving stuff with my mind, handy for grabbing that tv remote


The ability to influence emotions, To influence my luck, and shape sifting


Scenario-breaking powers:

  • Teleportation
  • Time control
  • Immortality

Just to troll fate. :3


Then fate gets annoyed and gives you immobility and insomnia too.


When the dungeon master gets annoyed and cooks up a plan to kill your character. XD


1)Control over time.
2)Become Immortal.
3)Stop aging.


Control Time


To mentally be able to manipulate dna of anything.
To be able to create matter.
To be able to communicate telepathically


If I had that superpower I would be so annoying. I would put a random song on in everybody`s heads during an exam or whisper random words in peoples ears. With great power comes great irresponsibility!


You. You’re the type of people I can be friends with haha. I purely want to be able to project puns into people’s heads.

  1. The ability to drink without damaging my liver
  2. The ability to drink without getting passed out drunk
  3. The ability to synthesize Extra Strength Tylenol

Ugh I feels like shit


So… an average Irish Drinker


Basically Captain America


Hm let me think oooh i got it! Adaptation to any situation in order to overcome it instantly. The power to edit the way i interact with everything. Aaaaand the power to negate another persons power. I’ll be a god!!! Though i dont know what my weakness would be, soneone please tell me.


Ok this is my last try I promise, Been searching through superpower wiki and I have chosen my final 3.

1: Pocket dimension manipulation, I would be able to create many pocket universes, I can control their time relationship with the rest of the world (so I can slow time there or speed up time there). I can trap people there and practically kill them by making time flow quicker inside the dimension so they age 100 years in 10 seconds. I can imprison someone for millenia by slowing time in the dimension so that 10 seconds inside the dimensions is 100 years outside. And ofcourse I can create (invisible) portals to and from these pocket dimensions.

I can make bags of holding(pretty handy), wormholes to other parts of the multiverse (using my pocket dimension as a shortcut to anywhere) and safe houses.

2: I would have ultimate intangibility (possibly related to my pocket dimension ability). This means I would basically be like grendels mother. Being able to touch you while you can not touch me, even when i’m touching you. Endless fun.

3: Agelessness.


I shall sacrifice my 3 wishes for 1 ! Just turn me into a female version of Goku from DBZ! and I’m all set :smiley:


Honestly? Even if I had superpowers, I wouldn’t become a superhero, so I probably wouldn’t choose something like superstrength. Instead, I’d pick practical things useful in everyday life while not being too obvious to others.

Time control would be my main and most important one. Not the ability to see every possibility or anything like that, that would be tiring. Instead, simply the ability to start/stop/slow down/speed up/rewind/fast foward time. Three minutes to complete an assignment? I can finish it in zero! Boring lecture you need to attend? Speed it up! etc etc. Basically means I can procrastinate all day until right before due dates too, which is a nice bonus. :stuck_out_tongue:

My second pick would be complete control over my own mind. This can extend to “unlocking the full brain” (using 100% of my brain instead of 5% or whatever like we actually do), having perfect self control (I can break free of addictions whenever I want, stop procrastinating whenever I want etc) or just focusing my thoughts almost entirely on something.

My final pick would be perfect health (to an extent). I wouldn’t go for immortality simply because living until the end of the universe would be pretty depressing. Especially the “watch every friend and family member you have die” part. Instead, perfect health. I don’t catch colds, I don’t get cancer, I don’t get sick. I basically can’t die except of old age.

Basically, I’d just maximise my productivity and time I have left lol.


delete: wipe someone or something from existence

create: create anything(and I mean anything )with the only limit being my imagination

control over time: self explainatory