If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


I’d shapeshift into a badass robot ninja navy seal like Steve Mcgarret from Hawaii 5-0 :joy:


Where is the “Try to conquer the world as a time traveling dragon shapeshifter” option? that’s the one I would go for.


Believe it or not, I didn’t choose to be a hotter me…

Shapeshift to a feline, do something I always wanted to do in the past, and waste my super strength by watching tv because I always was relatively strong to begin with and I’ve already done all of the other choices except brag, which I’m technically doing now.


Shapeshifting ya, I’d be sexy all the time and get everybody’s numbers. AKA THOT.

If I could travel back in time I’d probably do all the things I regret NOT doing when I had the chance.

If I had superstrength, I’d only use it to well, protect myself, maybe get a job in manual labor. Anyone who I fight or attacks me is most likely someone I dislike/hate :smiley:


Shapeshift into someone’s hot, I don’t know how would a Dragon work in the modern world. You’d get hunted very quickly. Being an animal could be interesting too but I don’t want to become a stray cat who eats from garbage bins :frowning:

I’d use Time Travel to travel a few years back and win a lottery ticket, and maybe even invest it into a stock that went up a lot so I’d be really rich :fox_face:

And Strength hmm, I don’t see much use for it aside from beating my brother so he’ll stop acting like a bully maybe. You’d need to combine this power with super toughness/defense if you want to be a hero or something cause strength alone won’t help much against armed opponents.


If I could time travel, I wouldn’t want to do any of those things

I’d go back to meet Einstein and disprove relativity, because science


Shapeshifting: I don’t think it’s possible to make me hot, so dragon all the way!

Time Travel: Go stop myself from being born. Woo, paradox! :sweat_smile:

Super Strength: Eww. Do not want.


There’s a few people I’d save with Chronokinesis. nx strength I’d help people but for most powers I’d use it to get free stuff.


Why do you dislike super strength? Is it because you afraid of getting an overly large muscle? Do you still dislike it even without the overly large muscle?


But wait, if you stopped yourself from being born that means that you wouldn’t exist and if you don’t exist then you can’t time travel that means that you never time travelled and stopped yourself from being born because you don’t exist which means that you can’t stop yourself from being born that means that there is no one that stopped you from being born and thus you’ll be born.



I think after the first attempt where you stop yourself from being born, the process of creating a new life may be alter … which means the merging of cells and molecules for a new born child may be different in the 2nd time, and an entirely different person will be born instead :slight_smile:


Poor fay rest your adorable little head


The ability to control Water, Fire and Air. Why you might ask? So I can control blood which means I can cut off your blood flow and control your body, air to cut off the oxygen supply and fire because why not.


Hivemind: Capable of creating (or assimilating) many different bodies which act as a hivemind with my consciousness as the “queen”. I can thus build any body with different natural abilities and appearances and add it to the hivemind. I can also have some of the bodies have sex with eachother give birth to or lay eggs which hatch new bodies. This would make me effectively immortal, but it also helps solve the “stuck” problem of immortality, where someone can trap you or banish you somewhere for a very long time. Not fun.

Supercognition: This would include (All types of) memory, calculation, perception, capacity to come with ideas and epiphanies which integrate the things I know. Basically the drug from Limitless 1000x (this helps me manage and consolidate memories and experiences of my many bodies).

SuperEquanimity: Calmness and composure and emotional immunity in the face of any pain, displeasure, or suffering. (I definitely need this else I will suffer the pain of all my bodies).

I like plausible powers which might exist someday in reality.


How I wish that existed.


Partial Immortality - It lets you age and die from old age however you can’t be killed, poisons, toxins, radiation etc has no effect and neither have the elements.

Ultimate Regeneration - My condition and health would always be perfect.

Meta Luck - User is blessed with luck so great it bends the very structures of reality, constantly rearranging them to their advantage. This allows users amazing success in all activities and aspects of life, to surpass the most impossible odds and defeat the most unbeatable opponents.

Whatever user needs or desires, ideal opportunities will spontaneously present themselves, opening new paths to wherever they wish to go and create new methods to accomplish impossible feats to acquire whatever they desire, without any restrictions.


My three powers would be:

  1. Terrain Manipulation: I can change the landscape in the environment I am currently in.
  2. Plant Teleportation: I can teleport via plants (that is where the Terrain Manipulation comes in)
  3. Audible Inundation: I am able to make a person hear voices to the point where it overwhelms them and drives them to insanity, think a loved one is guiding them from beyond the grave and manipulate them that way, etc.

  1. Functional immortality. I’d accept things like reincarnation or such as long as my identity and memories are carried forward.

  2. The ability to teleport to any place in any dimension, real or fictional, and be able to bring things/beings with me.

  3. Infinite capacity for learning.

Any other power that I need, I can just go to a really high tech/high fantasy world and steal/learn it.


Omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence???

But in all seriousness, I like psionic powers, so things like telekinesis, telepathy, or both.

Throw in super strength, add a cool armor and sword, and voilà


Oh yes, immortality would be a great power too, if not a little overpowered :stuck_out_tongue: