If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Maybe third time I post but all of it is different so I guess it not a problem…

1st Beautification
Ability to alter/change something(anything even human) into far more beautiful version of it.
By beautiful does not mean men will become girls but this power will be able to change anyone appearence into better form of themselves without any flaw in their appearence. The effect is permanent so unless people want to otherwise they have to do plastic surgery. Can remove scars but wont heal injuries. Make aging skin young again. Dont worry about aging just worrry about your health~.
Let make the World more beautiful!
Now everyone can copy Hancock and get away with everything by saying “because I m beautiful!”

2nd Heavenly/Deadly Voice
Ability vary depending on the purpose of the singing. Depend on how it is use it can be either Heavenly or deadly. Heavenly voice heal others through my voices both physically and mentally.
The effect range is depend on how far the voice manage to reach. The closer the injured to me the faster they heal. Deadly voice can be initiated
With negative emotions and the main purpose is to kill. Deadly voice cause the listeners body to slowly lose it function until they die. If the listeners lose their hearing along the way, as long as the melody still inside their mind, the effect eill continue. If immortals listen to this song, the will just paralyze until their body fully repaired and the melody is not in their mind. The effect can be cancel by heavenly voice. The weakness of this power is it effect only in wide area. Any voice can heal or kill anyone who hear it. Which mean I cannot chose who will be effected by it.

3rd. Null/Void/Neutralize defense system
The ability where it active automatically whenever I m in danger to protect me against anything harmful including the effects of others ability. Anything dangerous will be neutralize,null or void depending on the harm or potential harm.
Any attacking powers will be neutralize.
Any ability that will effect me will be nullify
Any ability that already effected me will be void.
This is just an example. It will also defend me against bullets and such. Anything that considered as harm will activate this ability.
It is versatile defense system against any internal or external harm.

Phew that was fun.

  1. Immortality.
    I don’t believe in any afterlife. The most certain thing in my life is that one day I will be dead, gone and forgotten and that tought absolutely terrifies me. Living forever would really help with this, and curiously I think it would help me live “in the moment,” a lot more. I know there are downsides like outliving everyone you love, an eternity of malaise, and all that…but I’ll take those over death.

  2. Shape-shifting
    I’m kinda okay with my body…most of the time…lately…until I’m not. Okay I’m maybe I’m not at all, and being able to Mystique my way into looking like Jennifer Lawrence or Rebecca Romijn…or you know…other beautiful people would really help me. Plus how great would it be to be able to change your body based on your mood. “Hmm. I’m really angry that guy cut me off in traffic. I think I’m gonna turn into a 6’-8” muscle bound dude with facial scars and neck tattoos"
    Again I know there are downsides, but I already feel like nobody sees the real me when they look at me. Maybe this power would actually change that.

3.Flight (Like superman not like…birds.)
So my first two powers I picked to deal with my fears and neuroses. I pick flight just cause I think it would be fun. I’m not afraid of heights. Effortlessly soaring through the air seems like a pure expression of joy. I don’t think I’d ever come down. Like even around my house I’d hove a couple inches off the ground.


(Trying to be down-to-earth here)

Clone creation. Up to 3 will suffice.
Man, sometimes I wish I had an extra pair of hands so that’s why. Clones are handy, haha. And you always have pals to watch football with.

Eternal youth. (till I die at the age 120-something when brain stops functioning properly or whatever)
Don’t really want to live forever because eventually you’d get tired of life. But being old AND having pain in the knees really sucks.

Ability to connect my mind to the internet. Well, to any desktop in general.
I don’t know, that just sounds fun.


Mm, delicious malware and viruses!


Well, I don’t frequent sites where it’s easy to get a virus. What about you?:smirk:





If you are the anti-virus, then I am the glitch in reality…coming and going to different places as I please and infecting all sorts of computers, annoying everyone.

(wassup peeps, the dragons returned home from Anubis knows where)


Mine has to be Mind control, invisibility and money duplication

Easy life


With mind control, what’s the point of money duplication? If you really need it at all, not that you should, just order someone to give you some.

For that matter, provided the mind control works on all minds, there aren’t many situations where you would need invisibility either.


What’s the point of mind control if you can duplicate money?


Get people to do stuff rather than bribe them. If they are utterly loyal then they will not betray you but if you pay them they could just run off.


Summoning duh the best ability whether demons or just standard monsters this is my first pick.

Second would be Animal Mimicry as in Beast Boy not Vixen or just a beast form in general.

As for #3 idk I guess I’d have to go with straight up Earth Bending, we all know what element we’d like to bend in the Avatar universe don’t pretend you didn’t if you watched it back in the day.


Advanced regeneration, inmunity to all sickness/venoms and hability to control people minds


If you could shapeshift:

  • I’d shapeshift into a hotter version of myself
  • Uhhh I’d be a dragon
  • Shapeshift into an unicorn
  • Shapeshift into a canine (wolf, dog, fox etc.)
  • Shapeshift into a feline (cat, tiger, lion etc.)

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If you could travel back in time:

  • I’d go back and change a conversation that I had
  • I’d save or help a loved one
  • I’d stop myself from doing something that had a negative impact in my life
  • I’d do something I wanted to do but couldn’t
  • I’d change the way how I said ”here” during attendance
  • I’d hide my food in another place because it got stolen the last time smh
  • I’d eat my past self’s dorritos

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If you had super strength:

  • I’d use it to help others
  • I can now finally brag about myself!
  • I’d use it to open cookie jars
  • I’d use it to hurt someone I hate
  • I’d use it to open that one goddamn jar lid that won’t get off!
  • Lol nah I’d be wasting it by watching TV all day

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@Fay in poll rush it seems… careful, don’t end up with a poll overdose. :wink:


I’d not shapeshift into any of those options, I’m already cooler than all of them.


I’d be a dragon every time.


Shapeshift into someone else and act embarrassing and commit crimes.

I’d send my past self money. And tell him to earn more, which I’ll send to him.

Hurt people sums it up.


Shapeshift: use it like in parasyte and turn myself into a human blender. For vigilantism of course

Time travel: continuesly bring modern day technology 20 years ago and do this on repeat for about 200 years making us super advanced
If I can only do it once then bring modern day technology back 40 years
Also piss in Hitler’s coffee every morning

Super strength: Vigilantism main use, use it instead of machines as construction worker for money when I’m not being a nice version of bane