If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Time erasure and clairvoyance would be unique power to have. Enchanched memory too, since I’m quite a forgetful person.


Time Manipulation, Teleportation, and maybe Telekinesis.


If I were sticking to traditional, nongodlike powers I would choose teleportation for its every day usefulness, flight for its fun, and rapid regeneration which would keep me safe while also theoretically stop me from aging.


The power to turn every NRA member or supporter in a ten billion mile radius into a cockroach permanently and the power is a radius effect from me permanently.

The power to reach into a picture and pull out the real item.

They might photograph a big Mac that’s covered in Vaseline to look better for the cameras but the big Mac I pull out is a real big Mac.

The ability to create any video game, any CYOA game , any book, etc by simply thinking about it.


Always wanted to do this. Despite the many possible choices, this is easy for me.

Shapeshifting. This would be so fun to have. I could use this just to mess with people or when I feel bored of myself. Maybe even pretend I am a celebrity for a day or two.

Illusion Manipulation. With this I can further mess with people and improve upon my shapeshifting. Voice is off? Just make the people believe I sound correct. I got a ticket? Make cop second guess my offense for something smaller. Or maybe create an illusion to talk to when lonely. Possibilities are endless.

And if all else fails, Persuasion. The ultimate failsafe for when the other two somehow fail. I guess this makes me an Chaotic Neutral at best.


That first power can easily backfire person discovers your identity and signs you up for the nra poof your now a roach that power is more dangerous than Superman diving on a kryptonite grenade


Considering the way I live I practically am Gregory Samsa already.

  1. Write faster.
  2. No sleep.
  3. Heightened smell. I love the aroma of coffee.


I want my ‘clock speed’ to be changeable ( but can’t be lower tham the normal one) I. E. 2x clock speed means I can think, read, write 2x faster
( but as I don’t have super strength have to be careful)
A check point system so I can’t die unless I want, saves everyday and can make a save and load any (I. E. If I forget someone’s name when I’m 40 quickly go back to when I’m 20 and meet em)

Oh and perfect memory, which with 2 (and perhaps 1, if cutting someone off) would be fun to see


After seeing a frogs exhibit recently, I decided I want the powers of a poison dart frog - i) very bright skin; ii) can climb suction cup hands, and iii) toxic.

If I was a James Bond villain, I would also show poison dart frogs in a terrarium when I first meet James Bond, have my henchmen use poison darts, and use poison dart frogs in an elaborate inescapable trap for the spy.


Invisibility, intangibility, elite hacking skills. Basically I’d be the Marvel supervillian Ghost.


The ability to sleep without tablets or whisky, not sure um let’s go with the ability to read minds and the ability to take other people’s powers


Maybe if you add an x3 multiplier to it, instead of taking other powers then it’ll actually wor-

A sinister voice in the head: “Dream on, mortal, MUHAHAHA”


Time slow say 3600s - 1s ratio
Pyrokinesis top out at 3000 Fahrenheit.


Lately I’ve been thinking of a power I call Time Swap or Time Trade where you can invest hours you spent doing one activity into instantly studying/training in another. For example, if you spent say 100 hours in a video game you loved you could spend it to gain a 100 hours worth of study for an upcoming test or a hundred hours of art classes and instantly gain all that knowledge as if you’d done it the hard way. I haven’t decided if you’d lose the original knowledge you spent permanently, but it would make replaying things fresh every time.

That was a bit long winded, but yeah, Time Trade as my first power so I could spend my time doing whatever I want and then burn it to instantly complete what I was supposed to be doing. Second power would be teleportation so I can go anywhere instantly or just hop around out of laziness. Third power would be precognition, even if it was only limited to a few seconds ahead. That’d would go with the teleportation so I could port out of the way of any threat before it happens.

So, 1: Time Trade, 2: Teleportation and 3: Precognition.

Honourable mention to retrocognition because seeing into the past would let you solve all the mysteries and murders you wanted.


Healing can be potentially very useful, you could save the lives of many people and animals, become a famous and rich doctor and really have a big impact on the world with it. You could even cast regeneration on yourself and become near immortal this way, and heal yourself instantly after every disease/injury.

As for the other 2 powers, probably Teleport and Time Manipulation. Teleport will allow you to go into every corner of the world and use your healing in every time a disaster strikes instead of being limited to one region.

And finally some humans are evil and even though you help the world they’ll still try to attack you, time manipulation would allow you to easily kill them and deal with these kind of threats, and combined with Teleport you could assassinate world leaders and things like that too.


Wolverine style quick healing

The ability to spread that healing factor to others temporarily at will (without removing it from me during that time mind you)

The ability to send my consciousness back up to five minutes or so along my timeline; or to put another way, the ability to rewind my life up to about five minutes. Any longer I feel like I’d have enough time to think myself into constantly going back and trying to alter some small mistake or something and just be stuck in a self imposed loop of trying to live the perfect 6+ minutes.


OHH! How about Alex Mercer’s weird parasite powers

Cole MacGrath’s lighting powers

and let just throw in some time manipulation

Things I can't do
  • Drive or ride cars, planes, trains, ect

  • Eat normal food

  • swim in water or even touch water

Things I can do
  • Always have a full charge (phone, laptop, PS4 controller, ect)

  • Become anyone I eat at anytime

  • Be as young or old as I want also live forever

  • Regenerate

  • Make skin hard at will


  • Never missed an event/be late

  • Devour my enemies


other things you can do is be the villian…and be beat.


Alex is only a villan in the second game… And maybe alittle in the first… In my defense they tried shooting me with a tank and then I threw the tank at them and a tank at the other tank and the OTHER tank at that tank.