If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


The user has the potential to achieve whatever they desire via training, raw will, refusal to give up, random change, etc., whether physical, mental, social, etc.

An example is spending years to better control my elemental and portal powers to insane never seen before ways and able to keep going further beyond if i continue to train or get pushed by certain situations (need to save innocent people or stop a powerful enemy)


haha, how about the power of granting wishes (including your own wishes) although that kinda feels a bit like cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:


if granting wishes doesn’t count, then I would say Time freezing (so I can get infinite sleep! Hooray), Soul transfer (got bored of your old life? No problem! Just a new one right now!), and maybe cloning


Well, personally, i already know what kind of power i would like, but i think i will give you a more…fun choice? Here is it:
The power of living life like a text-based game. Think of it: you can have ANY opponent with ANY power you like, since it’s a correctly construct text-based game, you have the capacities to handle it. And if you don’t, then that’s mean it’s a script to make the story continue.


Being able to manipulate my DNA (make changes to muscle/bone density, change my eyes vison, etc etc

Mind reading

And super speed


I’d have to say, the power to manipulate/shape wind, shape shifting and probably… telepathy. OR Invisibility, telepathy and the power to manipulate technology.

My niece said she’d go for, teleportation, shape shifting (into animals), and invisibility.


Should I choose to be merciless, I can disable the power of others permanently. Besides, my negation can be carried out from a distance, wherein I unleash a wave or force field that nullifies any attacks or superpower in its way. Thanks to negation, I am resistant to mental abilities such as mind control or illusion, since I would have nullified those abilities should others try to use them on me. My negation exists in several forms, including spell negation (I am immune to any spell, curse or what not laid on me.), immortality negation (the power to deny the immortality of immortal beings, and kill them) and so on. I can decide whose powers to nullify as well as the duration of nullification (temporary or permanent).

Spiritual Power
I have control over supernatural forces, including ghosts, demons, or other astral planes. This implies that I am able to take on several supernatural forms and their respective abilities. For instance, I am able to transform into an ethereal fairy, thus gaining abilities such as omni-shifting, immortality, life-force manipulation and possession. On days when I choose not to transform into supernatural beings, I can still access the beings’ abilities, albeit on a less powerful scale. Besides transforming into various supernatural beings, I am also able to perform spiritual related feats such as necromancy.

My regeneration ability is advanced enough to cause my body to cease aging as the cells are regenerating and dying in equilibrium, granting me immortality (When I am ready to move on, I can just nullify my regeneration ability). I am also able to heal others, physically and emotionally (I can’t grant them immortality).


concept manipulation:

To have the power to change every concept of every living thing, object, phenomena, and so on.

Free will manipulation:

This ability is not like hypnosis, charm, or command. Controlling free will is a completely different ability unlike the other abilities that I mentioned, in where a specific person is being persuaded, brainwashed, or simply coerced in to doing something. Controlling free will grants the caster of said ability to have complete influence over a person’s thought, actions, beliefs, on how the person percieves things, and such, so basically I have complete control on every thing you do and think about. without you suspecting a thing since all of these “thoughts” of yours are being spit by your “own brain”.

Become Fear itself:

Every living organism that has a conscience fears something, and being the embodiment of fear itself let’s me get under the skin of every person, animal, heck even the gods too cause even the all powerful beings that we humans worshipped have something that makes them uneasy.


I would never flush my chance down the drain cuz he is the most beautiful human being ive ever seen. i would never give up on him.


1st. Creation. Let make the anime character reality~. Let summon the husbando and the waifu!

2nd. Alter time. Dont wanna my time with my anime chara to pass by just like that~

3rd. Alter others perception. Let make the World free to love!!! Gender? Doesnt matter~ and many more that can be done.

Thats all maybe


That’s all maybe. Rly


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:nods :\ Yeah I will stop you


Shadow mulipation,super aglility, and plant control


At risk of being repetitive, time-stop, shape-shifting and transmutation of matter.
Shape-shifting and time-stop have pretty obvious uses for fun but transmutation opens up tons of new paths for someone to explore and being able to transmute things is pretty sweet too and would open up paths for all kinds of other different abilities.
On the other hand, contact-bombs and rewinding time by death seem pretty neat too.


Shapeshifting, I’d shapeshift into a hotter version of myself tbh.
Telekinesis, so that whenever someone eats my food, I’d summon a vase and smash it in their face.
And the ability to summon/create any fictional animal, or fictional human/person into this reality.
I miss Monika ok


I mean she kind of left one of your friends hanging when she needed her, and she practically cut out the other one’s heart and most unforgivably of all, stole cupcakes.


Personal Time Manipulation - Like Kiritsugu from Fate Zero. The ability to not only increase your physical speed and force, but also increase my cognitive speed, is an extremely useful thing.
Complete or Near Complete Immortality - Making the most of that there Personal Time Manipulation by giving it no ill effects whatsoever.
I dunno what the third one would be.


Isn’t that one pretty common? I mean I have it. And pretty much every person who isn’t a robot.


Why you want to stop me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: