If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Immortality, telekinesis and laser eyes (like Cyclops from X-Men)


Cyclops actually shoots beams of concussive force, though. They just look like lasers because they’re red and people equate red eye-beams with lasers because of Superman.

So if you really want laser eyes you’d have to go with Superman and not Cyclops.


The ability to reach into any book and pull out a character at will.

Flashlight eyes to read in the dark. (And to blind people. And burn them too, because the light can be as dim as a match or as bright as the sun)

Soul trapping, to prevent anyone from resurrecting.


Omniscience, Omnipotence and the ability to pull a Chocolates, Sandwiches, and food maybe some drinks too out of my pockets whenever I want.


Dankman’s powers manifest and in eagerness to try them, he reaches into Dracula and pulls out the letter D… Dankman ponders… “That’s not the character I was looking for.”


Thankfully, my other powers manifest in the nick of time. I soul trap the Character D back into the book, reuniting it with Count racula. Order restored, I flash burn the book with my eyes.
“Never again”

Thanks for the laugh, @andymwhy :smile:


@Dankman, you might want to check our hosted game Lost in the Pages :wink:


I have to ask… How often are you expecting this to come up?


@adrao, copy that.

@FabricSeat, in a perfect world, not that much.

In the land of Skyrim, where I learned the art from my level 40+ high elf, where there are soul gems and enemies in great abundance, I will use this Conjuration spell in every battle. Actually, I’m gonna soul trap every enemy I encounter.

In a world that is full of super powered, OP, alien gods (this thread, for example :joy: ), I expect it to come up more often than not.


But don’t they still come back after being soul trapped in Skyrim?


Nope, the only real way back into your original Body is divine intervention. Any other way is a different spirit using the body as a puppet. I have heard rumors of some spells by master wizards “might” do the same thing but I haven’t seen it


Technomacy, Electrolysis, and Possesion, do we have to include secondary abilities?


How do you implement electrolysis as a superpower?





I just think of the ability to manipulation electrical energies, naturally no augments or robo parts.


I think then what you mean is Electrokinesis, not Electrolysis. Completely different things.


Sorry Autocorrect on school chromebook


Truthfully my version of Technomancy is an extension of Electrokinesis. I dont imagine that flashy emperor palpatine stuff but is a more Watch_dogs-like, ie i can cause blackouts with my mind.


Enhanced potential, elemental manipulation and portal creation


What kind of potential?