If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


True, some form of regeneration as long as it also retards aging would be nifty. Last one would probably need to be @Moreau 's shapeshifting ability, only used much more conservatively to give myself a new body every century or so and simulate the effects of aging (without the disabilities) on those bodies.


Changing this to

-Every power than anyone, anything and everything in between has ever had, have or will ever have and any power they have ever thought about, are thinking or will ever do.

-The ability of accept or discard any power before it manifest in me and to also discard them whenever I want.

-a wish to grant people hyperactive imagination


Can’t have the first one. OP said so.


He said we can’t say that we will have all powers or the power to copy powers but mine is to have powers based on thoughts I.e. powers that anyone has ever thought about


O could take Eternal Youth, remember “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.) Unlimited Intelligence, don’t know how this would help for computer games creation. And ability to reincarnate in form another human/being I choose.

  1. Flight - not hovering, but ability to fly high and fast.
  2. Super-healing like wolverine, in case I fall.
  3. Invisibility so no one freaks out when I 'm flying.

  • Invincibility
  • Super Speed
  • Telekinesis


without the super speed you would be relatively easy to beat
with it it gets slightly harder


Im just gonna assume you remember to take a small oxogen mask when you fly real high
and are able to bend things around you or are somewhat immune to highspeed kinetics as at high speeds friction would eat you even with healing


Let’s see . . .
:small_blue_diamond: Not sure if it’s the right word but, electrokinesis. Able to generate a field around me & manipulate it (kinda like kilua from hunter x hunter).
:small_blue_diamond: Deadpool level healing factor. That way i can keep the electricity going at high voltage for long periods of time without frying myself. Being able to heal from enemy attacks is nice to.
:small_blue_diamond: Super speed/agility. Being super maneuverable would be a huge asset. I’d be able to weave through enemies with my electricity following me and take 'em out without even touching them.


here is my 2nd shot at these

Earth Manipulation (Terra from Teen Titans)
Technopath (Gwen from the movie Sky High)
Control Metal (Magneto from the X-men)

these powers can be used to create an arms factory/warehouse deep underground where no one will ever find it


And you will die like any other mortal… but lonely.


Only need one power

Omnipotence embodiment


I can do whatever I want, that is the point of omnipotence. I don’t have to feel pain and I can only die if I want to


Yeah I misunderstood. Never mind.


Immortality, time travel and telepathy.


I tried to think of three but the only one I’d want is the ability to manipulate (if not outright control) reality.


Telepathy so I would know what the people around me are thinking of. TK so I can move stuff around with my mind, and wallclimbing so I can hide in a room while people are init because nobody looks up. LOL


Lol, quite a unique power you chose


Yeah as @augustus27 said, this one is technically against the rules


I would go with shapeshifting, time travel and being able to make myself completely undetectable by any means.