If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Shapeshifting, telekenisis, and invisibility


The ability to alter something or someone’s growth. Like genetically mutating things.
The ability to bring out powers in other people(no control over what the power is, just plain unlocking other people’s potential.
And shoot, super speed is good enough for me


Self-confidence, emotional stability and the ability to eat an abundance of food with no consequences.


So a 21 year old quarterback? I kid I kid


Definitely :ok_hand:

  1. The ability to run faster and jump higher than any human ever possibly could.

  2. The power to reverse my age as far back as i want, assuring that i can live for as long as i want, until i grow weary of living (immortality that prevents you from dying no matter what is not a curse that i want any part of)

  3. The power to fly through space, and not suffer any adverse effects.

  1. Teleportation.
  2. Super-healing/Super-Regeneration.
  3. Super-Perception. Or something along those lines. That way, I can be some sort of a Super-Hero Holmes.


Umm Time travel n the ability to make girls fall in love with me ,quite a difficult task I believe


Ability to think and react faster than light.

Ability to create worlds out of imagination.(control over reality.)

Ability to die when I wish to without any mind control or manipulation.


I think that it’s important to have a game-plan when you do stuff like this, an idea of what exactly you’re going to do with your newfound superpowers.

For example, say you’ve found a genie who’s going to grant you your three superpowers. That means that even before you start you’re entering a world where there are likely to be creatures infinitely more powerful than you.

Because really how could anyone think that their three wishes are the best, most effective wishes a person could make. We all know there are people out there smarter than us, and in a universe where genies or other plot-devices exist, surely some of them have been given the same opportunity as you.

So odds are that there are more powerful (even God-like) beings out there who probably aren’t going to be wanting any competition. So you’ve been given potential antagonists you know nothing about before you even start.

So in that situation, you have to be quiet. Live life relatively low-key until such time as you feel confident enough to announce yourself on the Galactic Stage.

So first things first, I’d probably wish for Immortality. None of this ‘ah, but you still age’ nonsense. Full-on Eternal Youth ™ with all the trimmings. I’d broadly categorise that as no cell death as a result of degeneration or mutation, which would allow me to live as long as I damn well please, but wouldn’t necessarily leave me immune to being hit by a bus or stabbed (more on that later).

Second power would be full metamorphosis of my own body (I’d like to extend that ability to other people’s bodies too, but I don’t want the genie thinking I’m taking the piss) so being able to transform myself into anything I want while still maintaining my full mental faculties. Because its bugger all use turning into a seagull and suddenly forgetting that you can turn back, isn’t it?

This’ll help me hide away when I need to, and probably give me a decent living all things considered. Good people will use it to turn themselves into super-heroic protectors of the innocent, while the rest of us will just seamlessly replace anyone who seems to have more power/money than they know how to use effectively.

So my first two powers basically give me effective control over the human race, because above all else I have time to spin my plans out over centuries or even millennia, while my mortal opponents wither away or lose focus.

Over the course of the next million years or so, I can purposely lift the human race up to the level I choose for it, dictating not just technological progress but social and moral progress as well. If I want people to get interested in the space program, I’ll just turn myself into a beyond cutting-edge space station, telling everyone that good ol’ NASA has been beavering away and now there’s space for 10,000 people to live in comfort and luxury above the Moon.

Want to cauterise a regressive regime that is destabilising the world’s collective peace? Suddenly key members of the government are surprisingly compliant, even obliging to the requests of the global community.

A particular religious group fomenting terror and fear in all directions?

“God turned up just outside of town! He’s 100ft tall and he keeps telling us to ‘stop raggin’ on the gays!’”

With time, tact and the occasional display of terrifying power (however much of a sham it is) will help you bring one planet begrudgingly into the future, where you can shape it to your will.

Any beings that are ‘like you’ on Earth will likely respond in fairly short order, and your ability to magically be somewhere else (or something else) will basically allow you to keep yourself safe.

But what if they just decide to carpet bomb the area, and your dumb ass pretending to be a rock just gets 'sploded?

Well that’s where wish number 3 comes in.

My third wish would be the most ‘interpretive’ of the three. I’d ask the genie (or whoever is giving me these superpowers) to give me the power to choose the date, time and method of my death.

Meaning that any attempt on my life is doomed to fail because I didn’t select that time to die.

You get bullet-proof invulnerability without having to sit on your own watching the heat-death of the universe.

If someone blows off your legs, transform yourself into someone with legs.

It’ll hurt, sure but you won’t die. And wish 2 means that you won’t be permanently crippled or taken ‘out of the game’.

This allows you immortality, invulnerability and the ability to die should you wish to do so.

Admittedly this system isn’t perfect, you could be tossed into a black hole or someone could find a way of otherwise incapacitating you, but they can’t kill or damage your mind because of that caveat in wish 2:

“…being able to transform myself into anything I want while still maintaining my full mental faculties.”

Meaning that your ‘mind’ is for all intents and purposes kept outside the physical universe, and cannot be harmed by anything inside it.




And no Genie worth his salt is going to go for that since by definition it needs to be more powerful than anything it is going to grant you. Besides the whole purpose of genies is that their wishes are poison pills. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As @ParrotWatcher knows real me would be far to terrified of ending up on a government vivisection table, or worse to want super-powers. Except maybe super-genius intellect as there already are people like that I know of and I can present my newfound abilities as simply having been “slacking off” for most of my life. A tragic waste of potential, but nothing that should warrant ending up on the vivisection table.


Good ones for you to back up your intellect might be Future sight short duration (Similar to nick cage’s Next) and finally Healing factor (slow regeneration and a healing speed 5-10 times faster than normal) with those three you can stay out of trouble and under the radar considering your intelligence.
or you could change healing factor for Un-aging( immortality in the sense you dont get older and never die of old age) with your intelligence you could manufacture fake id’s and past history as you go giving them a actual history instead of a blank past every few decades and “die” every so often.

how is that for keeping under the radar of the government


Teleportation (like in the movie Jumper)
Healing Factor/Regeneration (like Deadpool & Wolverine) edit thanks for the addition Drakeye
Absorb (like Rogue but able to choose when it is active)


very important stipulation on that last power. rouge could have had a much better life with that.
Edit i noticed you didnt use your name in the “healing factor” (better choice might be regeneration or Ultimate regenerationfor name description.) Lobo was a badass regenerator


yes it is, i wouldn’t want the power without that stipulation & yes Lobo is amazing but people aren’t as familiar with him as they are Deadpool & Wolverine


not knowing of the one who managed to stalemate superman, kills his home planet, and win a war with heaven and hell? Scoffs such lack of culture :face_with_monocle: :rofl:
i kid i kid he wasnt part of mainstream :sob:
still, funny you didnt mention him.

personal power set idea at this time… ive been here before
Timestop (short duration say 30 seconds at a time)
Rewind (Backtrack 12 hours, aware of the past attempts doable say 2 times every day only)


Let’s have another go at this.

Total control of my blood and what it’s made of. Allowing me to harden it like having a carbon fibre mesh under my skin. Also allowing me to keep it in me making blood loss impossible, or also use it as an offensive weapon.

Infectious control: MY blood contacts your blood, it comes under my control.

Healing: using both of the above in combo I could heal myself and others at an accelerated rate and hold off death by circulating blood indefinitely keeping the body functional despite gaping wounds.


This sounds like The Masquerade are you…a vampire


Omnipotence, The ability to control time, Immortality


Flying, invicibility and go through walls! This is a really fun game for kids to do as well. I always try to come up with new fun stuff for my kids.