If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


The ability to phase through things, invisibility and superstrength


Smoke totally forgot what power you had in start of the game :sweat_smile:


The power i wanted:

  1. The power of instant win
    2.the power of always not lose
  2. The power of anti copying my power
    Heck,i dont even need to do a thing :slight_smile:


That’s easy power to get. If you never do anything you never loose.


Well, thats a misunderstanding. You see, if you have that power, theoritically you can just sit back

  1. Mind control
  2. Time travel
  3. Twist the fabric of reality into what I want


so…basically a God or a being like Batmite or Mr Mxyzptlk?


Wait who are you talking to?

  1. Telepathy (I can read your thoughts.)
  2. Probability control (I make things work in my favor or stop things from working out for you.)
  3. Invisibility


Imagine having the superpower to steal other people’s powers, but also being the only person with a superpower…

  1. Mind control.
    Why would I dirty my own hand. I ll just take control of your mind and use u. Whatever power you had, u will use it for me. If it get annoyying I ll just make my enemy kill themselves. (great when u dont want to be disturb)

  2. Liquid manipulation.
    If there blood in your body then it mine to use. Destroy enemy from the inside. Sound great. Plus controlling surrounding water sound great. (also great for laundry)

  3. Manipulation of perception.
    Kinda like illusion but more like I control what u can see. (great when u dont want to be seen but too lazy to hide)

There. Is that acceptable? (^_^)


I just need one superpower, Unlimited ability to copy powers. That way, I can have all of it


If you read the first post, that is against the rules.


Hmmmm I see :thinking: then it will be:

  1. Ability to analyze things fast and accurately
  2. Reading thought (telekinesis?)
  3. Will power (it’s superpower to me)

  1. ability to stop illumination studios from producing a movie and to ensure ep1 on star wars isn’t created.

  2. teleportation

  3. shift quantum state of materials.

  1. The power to turn people into KFC.
  2. enhanced eating.
  3. enhanced taste buds.


The moment that you created a post, then you don’t know half of the powers that were chosen. XD Anyway, glad to see all the replies here.

  1. Immunity to biting my cheek when I chew or talk.

  2. The ability to make protein shakes not taste terrible.

  3. Something I could do at parties, like a really good celebrity impression.


That’s called telepathy. : p
Or well, some form of it at least.


Telepathy is reading mind (usually surface thoughts, though with more strength you can pierce into the subconscious)
Empathy is just reading emotions.