If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


I’d have to probably go with the powers of Teleportation, Time Manipulation or at least the ability to rewind time, and maybe an Enhanced Memory Retention/Learning ability lol. That last one might not be too great of a power, but I think it’d be really cool to be able to pick up and understand things a lot easier and faster than normal.


Tactile telekinesis, cause it’s hella useful even in everyday life. TTK for the win, brah.
Super-speed, cause it’s always comes in pack with sweet faster metabolism and cool things like runing up the walls or ability to play tennis with yourself. Musthave for forever alone’ers. Also musthave for someone, who always whine about not having enough time.
And I guess that’s all that I’ll need, really. Being too powerfull would just be boring. Although some kind of probability manipulation to give myself more chances to success in anything or just good luck would be really great c:


1.) Reality Warping on the highest possible scale.
2.) Acausality.
3.) Chi Manipulation.


1). Ability to create another universe/dimension and live in it
2).Become god and create everything in that specfic dimension
3). Have all super powers in my universe/dimension

Basically i can have all superpowers but in a diffrently reality
Obviously the world would be the same except it would be my depiction of a perfect world


Time Manipulation, Telepathy, and Telekinesis would be awesome!


Electromagnetism Manipulation - It’s probably one of the most powerful and versatile powers
Telekinesis - It would just be great to control and move a bunch of stuff
Invisibility - Just imagine the things people do and say when you’re not there. I’ll also be able to go to the cinema or a concert without paying. Also if someone tries to kill me, I’ll just turn invisible and escape! (no one would want to play hide and seek with me though).


Considering my new job. Superstrength, enhanced healing and super endurance for the long days.


Longevity based immortality, time travel (during my lifetime only) and mind reading.

I realise this means I can die pretty easily but eh if someone kills the guy who could theoretically bring world peace then sucks to be everyone. Well mainly me. Because I’ll be dead and all.

And time travel just to seem smart, freak out people who aren’t too nice and be randomly nice to actual nice people.


Am I allowed to say the powers you’re given in Heroes Rise, including the Infini powers? I know that’s unoriginal and probably more than 3, but that’s my favorite series of games, CoG or otherwise, and my hero in that game, Conduit, is my favorite character to play :blush:

In case that’s cheating, I’d pick flying, telepathy, and a gravity powers (or air-bending powers).


I can narrow that down to 3 Flight, super energy expulsion, atom manipulation.


Probably Invisibility to hide from my enemies, Super Stealth to sneak up on them, and Super Strength to punch them into the atmosphere.


Telekinesis , Rejuvenation , Time Travel


Omniscience, Charm, Life-draining


Telekinesis because I’m lazy and would love to move things with my mind.
Shapeshifting because sometimes I just really want to look different or be another gender.
And I don’t know if this is a superpower but the ability to pitch and shift my voice to sound different at will. Because I want my voice to match my body. I also would have fun messing with people by ether imitating their voice or making a voice that sounds like a famous person.

Ahh lol I realize none of these would be too good to fight crime with :sweat_smile:


Voice Manipulation.


Oh that’s super cool!! Thank you for pointing it out to me~


I like the idea of Turning blood into gold, being effectively invincible to all misfortune & the power to only speak lies


Incredible durability increasing with calm
Incredible strength increasing with anger
(There’d be some mystical weapons or something to fight with implied)


The power of cloning myself,Invisibility is cool to ,and finally the ability to phase into dust (Like from infamous: second sons)


You mean turn into smoke? Or would you really like to become dust? 'Cause if so I can point you in the direction of a few Lovecraftian monsters.