If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Element control - The Avatar
A lot of Chakra manipulation - Naruto
Full control over Biology
( watching a lot of anime lately )




Reality warping.


Let’s see … the question is not what superpowers I would want, but what superpowers I would have if I had them?

I’m going to guess Flight, Weather Manipulation, and Illusions. Those tend to be the powers I can get control of on those occasions I manage to lucid dream. :slight_smile:

Illusions would be wonderful to work out art with, build references and models up without having to go through a software medium, tell stories, try out music, perfume the air, organize the world around me, arrange to paint fantastic things in a real setting … enhance any performance. There’s so much helpful potential for it, whatever senses wound up involved, and quite useful in sticky situations or to wreak havoc as well, should I need to.

  1. Time Rewind like in Life is Strange. Learn from my mistakes, but go back and correct them too. Plus, infinite time.

  2. Invisibility - because I’m a creepy bastard.

  3. The ability to temporarily perceive the world through someone else.


Oh you went super voyeur with those :laughing:


I could conquer the world with those powers. And if I fail, just rewind and try again.


I’m assuming this would mean you can change what they do. Also is there a cool down or is it just…?

  1. Telekinesis would be pretty cool if only because I’m lazy and would be able to lift up multiple/heavy objects without getting up

  2. Either flight or teleportation for mobility. I guess telekinesis could technically lift my body into flying too, but that’s not fun!

  3. Idk, I’m a pretty chill person so… energy blasts that I can produce and control at will?

Don’t know what I would use them for though. While everyone is off being a hero, I would probably end up being a normal person who uses all the aforementioned powers for stuff like… baking.


I’d be conquering the world and crowning myself empress of the Earth… Then I’d have all these people to do my every whim so I could die of boredom lol

  1. Telekinesis: so I can open the fridge and move the food into the microwave without moving

  2. Control over machines: so I could turn on the microwave without moving

  3. Immortality: so I can do the above actions over and over until the universe implode


Ah man I would like to be able to fly, be invisible, and talk to animals
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But how will you deal with the world’s constant changes, some of which can be very jarring? And what happens when the earth gets sucked into a black hole? Would you spend the rest of eternity gallivanting around in the vacuum of space?

In any case, if we’re discussing the reasons for our powers…I’d like shapeshifting to possess the strength of predatory animals (and safety from dangerous environments), mind control to accomplish certain goals, and superhuman intelligence to make beautiful art and satisfy my massive inferiority complex.


I didn’t exactly overthink it, being something that’s unlikely to happen after all.


On time rewind how far of a rewind would you be able to go
10 seconds a minute a hour?

And does it reset to that time or can you control how far back within your reach


That sounds very pleasant actually


Super speed at the level of the flash, power to see into the future limit 2 min so strictly for combat or on the go use but no limit to how much it can be used and invincibility. So even if I can’t see it coming or cant get out of the way fast enough ill still survive


You should play Life is Strange, it’s a great game.


That’s an interesting twist to the question. I was treating this like a genie scenario, but if the world suddenly turned into a comic book, what would they naturally be…?

I’m going to have to refer back to this comic that @Fairygodfeather posted awhile ago -


Flight, elemental power of some sort, and Illusion.