If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


Absolute Shape-shifting
The power to turn myself or any part of my body into anything I want. Need a knife? Turn my arm into a blade. Need to get somewhere fast? Grow some wings. Etc.
Delsin’s prime conduit ability
Control anything, anywhere, anytime. (Without needing to take the power from someone else, just walk up to something and absorb it)
In all senses of the word. I can’t be killed, don’t fall ill, don’t age. Y’know, the good stuff.


Steal Anything
I wouldn’t need more than three with all the things nature has.
I’d be able to stay young forever and get whatever I needed at a moments notice.
Just to be on the safe side.


teleportation power similar to like in jumper

Force field for when teleportation just isn’t good enough

The ability to have any item known to man appear Before me whenever I want

  1. Telepathy is the ability to manipulate minds. So with it, I could make myself invisible to others, make them forget if they figure out I have powers, create my own dreamworld and live inside of it, move/duplicate my consciousness from body to body (so basically making shapeshifting, cloning and immortality achievable, though not effortless) and make myself forget and remember whatever I need to (although I’d want a place to store the knowledge).

  2. Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate matter with your mind. So with it, I could fly, fix things, heal people, make myself invulnerable, give myself super-strength, control the elements, potentially become immortal through cell manipulation, etc.

  3. Time Manipulation is self-explanatory. With it, I could time travel, pause, rewind or accelerate time, control the age of things (again, potential immortality!), see the history of matter, etc.

Although I’d want a limitation or two (examples: needing time to actually learn how to exploit the versatility of these powers, only being able to use one ability or sub-ability at a time, not being able to use them on anything beyond what my five senses can perceive…), so as not to become too OP.


Regeneration ultimate: to be able to regenerate at a unparraled speed is a form of immortality in its own right from a scientific perspective due to recovering from cellular aging and decay it would also be really hard to kill you

Kinetic energy absorbtion & redirection: basically able to absorb any amount of kinitic impact and storing the energy to redirect at a later time which could be directed thru physical contact (being able to select how much of what is stored would be preferable) this is kinda like invulnerability just to kinetic. Other things like heat, plasma sonic microwave etc etc still hurt.

Steal/transfer life: the ability to take store and give life energy (from a scientific standpoint it’s taking the cellular lifespans the amount of times your cells can replicate before cellular damage prevents tangible replication. Use that stored stolen cellular lifespan and give it to other since I myself would not need it as much due to regeneration negating majority of the natural cellular decay I would suffer. From a technical standpoint I could effectively make someone live longer and recover from injury faster or the opposite depending on if I’m taking or giving.

With these 3 powers I would be a unparalleled soldier, medic, fighter, construction worker.

My ability to push past what my muscles should be capable of would problem suprise people since every time I tear the muscles it heals almost immediately.


Animal Communication: this is just for my personal curiosity as a biologist.

Immortality: because… immortality

Shapeshifting: because a human body is bland and uninteresting

In summary: I want to be a druid


I would like to have the powers of:
1. Mind Manipulation: So that I can get away with everything I do.
2. Shapeshifting: So that I can disguise myself whenever required.
3. Heart Manipulation: So that I can change the deepest desires of the person in whatever way I like.


Extreme luck, time manipulation, and teleportation


@a_shoggoth @Dark_Stalker @Ylva
May I ask the reason behind the immortality choice
I myself chose a sorta immortality but still able to die albeit through difficulty but still possible.
The prospect of living forever may get boring, outliving everyone might suck eventually I would think, eventually life would be very predictable as well as slowly everything would advance beyond your learning every few decades needing to learn new things or fall behind.
These are the reasons why I am cautious of true immortality since you live forever and can’t be killed
Immortality where you just don’t age I seem more comfortable with

Thoughts behind the choice?


Hmm… I always get to meet new people. My condition will make it impossible hard to care about them dying and death for me seems… boring. I don’t want to not exist. Plus pain won’t be
a problem for a shapeshifter.[quote=“Drakeye, post:194, topic:21474”]
every few decades needing to learn new things or fall behind.

Which will be nice, plus I get to be the world’s greatest historian.


The thought of ceasing to be irks me. I have too much i want to do and too little time and opportunity to do it. I would like to learn things that couldn’t even be glimpsed at the time we are in. I would like to see stuff, learn stuff, travel, etc. Sure, seeing everyone eventually pass away would be hard, it’d make me sad, angry, but I think I could handle it.


I dont think life would ever get predictable, that’s literally the opposite of life. If i can live forever I could learn and do so many new things that isn’t possible within one lifetime. I don’t think my skills will ever be obsolete, not unless all life in the universe suddenly disappear, there will always be a need for biologist. Plus, biology is always evolving anyway so I would be used to seeing things i know becoming obsolete. I.e: cells breakdown/decay is already an obsolete idea for explaining aging and i thought that was how aging works for years.


I thought the current idea for aging was the breakdown of the DNA secuences over its repeated replication cycles causing them to eventually fail and the cell division limits

Anyways I’m straying from the topic I like the reasons you 3 had despite not completely agreeing with them. they make sense and there was thought behind the choice.


Nah, thats the old one, the new Evolutionary theory explain aging as an evolutionary process. One of the proposed mechanism is mutation accumulation. It’s basically says that mutation that harmful mutations that decrease your fitness early in life have a higher effect on an individual’s fitness than late acting one. Because of that Natural Selection would select against early mutations and doesn’t really care about late acting ones. Therefore your body would have all these bad mutations that only affect later in life, causing the getting-old-sucks aspect of aging. There are a few more mechanisms, but i digress.


I would want the powers of manipulation of light, the empathic abilities of mantis from the Guardian of the Galaxy 2, and I guess the abilities to be unaffected by any power of my choosing.
Manipulation of light: I would be able to make anything, including myself, invisible; block light from entering other people’s eyes to make them blind; or I could do the opposite and flood light into one spot.
Mantis’s empathic abilities: If you haven’t watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy then your ability allows her to sense and feel others emotions through touching them. She can also urge people to feel something more a.k.a. making them feel less stubborn or less sad.


Time Manipulation to add extra hours to the day so I can actually sleep for a decent amount of time, Regeneration to heal from injuries quickly and some power that either extends my life or outright immortality. The not dying of old age kind, not the kind which prevents death outright.


That would be the Un-aging power one half of the gift of immortality

@Chaseeboy manipulation of light also has moderate control over heat, fire and energy


So I get the light energy and heat, but why fire? Just because it makes light? I was just wondering. You would hypothetical be correct probably, but we can’t really test it lol. Your reasons could be enough to convince me though.


Bending the light in a way that forms immesy powerful waves of heat and or fire thru a effect similar to lensing(?)

**Edit:**Also if you can bend light it would not be a stretch to believe you could bend light in a manner to make plasma like attacks


Oh I got you that makes sense. I thought you meant I could control premade fire(which I guess could still be an option) instead of outright creating it. Yeah that would work because of lensing. Yay score 1 for more uses for my made up powers.:sunglasses:
Edit: Lol I got this power from a book called The Red Queen and the people who can do this are called shades, and they only use their power to make themselves invisible. Talk about wasted potential. They don’t even darken other people’s​ vision like I said before.