If you had 3 Superpowers, what would they be?


You may not say the power to have every power or copy more than one power of the opponent.

Poll: If you had superpowers

I would choose Teleportation,Telekinesis and Telepathy. (Not only send but also receive messages)


How about the (unoriginal) power of possibility manipulation? :wink:
I jest I jest. I’d be happy with mind control, clairvoyance, and the power to rewind time. I need to secure my future goddamnit.


Nice,I agree with your mindset (yes it’s a pun) I believe that superpowers should be used defensively,but that’s just my opinion.


Time travel, immortality and the ability to adjust my age at will that way I can basically play with the world until I get bored then rewind and start again.


Wow dark!

Helping the greater good huh?


I’ll choose time traveling


Lighting, fire, and animal magic


Absolute power over time, space, and creation.

Being able to see all possibilities and and weaving them into outcomes I want. Healing by reverting myself and others to how they previously were in the past, which includes reversing aging or accelerate if I see it fit. Seeing the potential of myself and others and making that reality exist in the present. The obvious freezing, reversing and accelerating of time itself for myself or anyone I choose or anything I choose.

Manipulation of space including teleportation, increasing and decreasing existing space like being able to trap enemies in the space they are currently occupying. Manipulation of gravity within the space I’m controlling to the degree where its powerful enough to pull meteors down. Being able to exist or appear to exist in single or multiple places. Temporal jumping which would be a combination of time and space.

This is practically limited only by imagination. But I will put down some examples. The creation or destruction of time lines or demontions/realities/environments. Power over life and death like being able to create new or bring back existing lifeforms or to destroy them.

edit: I’m obligated to add this; deus ex machina which would probably be a combination of all three

I could probably come up with more but you get the idea


Just in case someone ask wats animal magic is

Animal magic

The user can use magic to control the animals, transform themselves or others into animals, mimic animal traits and summon/create animal spirits and/or animals. They can communicate with animals, borrow their senses, possess them and otherwise use animals as extensions of themselves.


Pyrokenisis, Darkness Manipulation & Regeneration.

I. Will. Be. Unstoppable.


Wow these are some fantastic ideas!

Only one? You can choose more if you wish! c:

You can get quite creative with this,can’t you? The 3rd one would be great for parking!

This is quite a lot of planning beforehand! :o
You’ll basically become a god at that point. XD

Pretty much yes. Could be please classify darkness manipulation a bit more?


hmm… well, yeah. But that’s the thing, most powers can be godlike if someone can think how to use them properly. Also I’m using these abilities for a character in a story I’ll be writing this summer. (hopefully)

edit: Also I’ve been editing my original post. It was missing a small detail. Seeing as how I have put a lot of thought into it I can be a bit nit picky.

  1. Ability to control every single cell in my body, allowing me to shapeshift into any living or non-living thing.
  2. Pre-cognition
  3. Immortality

Behold, the new god! Bwhahahaha…


I’ve got this.

So are you this way in every reality? If not the reality of that time line can be woven into the one you are currently existing in rendering you powerless or be reverted back to the time before you were in existence.

Or through manipulation of space be imprisoned in the space you currently occupied for as long as I choose. You could be forcefully launched temporally leaping at random through timelines and realities existing in an eternal limbo.


The ability to enter and manipulate dreams. I promise I won’t steal your secrets or manipulate you into doing what I want in the waking world like in Inception. I’d rather psychoanalyze you. Then I’ll steal your secrets. I may or may not lead you to insanity after that though…

A tweaked version of the Doctor’s regeneration. By tweaked, I mean no regen limit (I believe he’s only limited to 12? I’ve been so out of touch with the fandom lately). So I can’t choose what I look like when my current body takes too much damage/dies, but that’s the thrill of regeneration! I would be that sort of immortal that would take on different identities with every regeneration.

Note: My appearance when I enter the dreams does not necessarily have to be the same with my physical form. So the regeneration ability does not apply there. Plus, I can’t die in a person’s subconscious, since I’m controlling the subconscious!

Dimension hopping. I may not be able to create, destroy or manipulate realities (I’ve already got my create, destroy and manipulate urges covered with the dream manipulation), but I’ll be able to visit some of them, maybe even live in them!

I’d be the ultimate regenerating, dimension-hopping, dream psychoanalyst/thief tourist ever!


Hell-Fire Manipulation: I don’t create fire, I summon the flames of hell! Ahem… I suck at clarification.

Darkness Manipulation: Okay so… The Limit is that I can’t use it in an area without shadows. I can, however, use my power in complete darkness. For combat purposes… Picture Jackie Estacado (Host of The Darkness) and Pride from FMA.

My most favorite use of Darkness Manipulation is Shadow Walking. Ala Nico Di Angelo Son of Hades from Percy Jackson.

Regeneration: Wolverine, hell all those awesome characters you can’t kill cause of the whole regeneration deal.


Carbon manipulation and shape-shifting.
Be as hard and sharp as diamonds or as light and mobile as smoke. Oh and the whole not aging thing since I’d be made of mineral and not flesh and blood.


Telepathy, invisibility and shadow manipulation. I like to keep low profile.


So many nice ideas! I wouldn’t evenn imagine this would be so diversified!