If you could only play one CoG/HG game or game series , which would it be?


I would also put Way Walkers on the Runner Ups list , but I feel like they need a more compelling plot , so I’m waiting for the thrid one to release . Anyway they are still great games :innocent:


I hope I’m not giving away the fanboy vibe for Heroes Rise to anyone :sweat_smile:


I choose the series choiceofgames.com
Ugg hard choice tin star, way walker, hero rise, or lords of aswick.


Samurai of hyuga because I like playing as a character which is kinda broken (well that’s the vibe I got from my character in SoH) and there’s gonna be a sequel(s?)

Edit: I also might possibly want to have So, you’re possessed! Because its a good story and you have some weird demon non-demon thing inside of you


Ugg that one to for me and choice of deathless and pendragon
This isn’t a fair question grr

I thought there was going to be you’d hav to ask the writer


Mine would have to be the infinity series as so far it just has the most longevity with a total of 5 planed books and a few more possible ideas after that plus I love it


Wow didn’t know that there’s gonna be 5 of them ! That’s pretty neat :grin:


Only one? No contest then, Samurai of Huyga.


Versus, but with Unnatural as a very close second. Unfortunately both are currently the first and only part in their series.


Urgh, only one? Let’s see…

Unnatural. I really can’t get enough of Scar and Denise from that game, two of my all time favourite romances. Plus, Being a righteous power with a bow that fire awesome light Arrows never gets old.


Apparently I really need to play Unnatural , looks like I’m missing a lot of cool stuff :sweat_smile:


Verrrry worth it if you like supernatural investigations. If you don’t, then play it for Scar the badass Samurai who jokes around by whacking you with a piece of wood.


What ?! :joy:
Ok I’ll have to give it a go now ! :grin:


There WILL be a sequel I’m determined to get out of the slump I’m currently in. So the bad news is Season Two will take longer than i want the good news is I’ve hired @Fiogan to edit season one (I figured I’ve earned enough now to make it the best it can be.) so season one will be getting even better along with some fixing of issues I have personally with the first season so you may think of it as a director’s cut which should hopefully kickstart the writing spark fully to carry on into Season Two.


I have replayed Heroes Rise so many times :smiley:


I will have to go with Zombie Exodus


Any plans for a Steam release of Unnatural 1 and/or 2 ? :hushed:


Hopefully, nothing has been mentioned yet but I hope this new batch of editing increases its odds of a Steam release.


Can’t wait to purchase everything. Maybe one day you can share your experiences on editing and such, since I am a sucky grammar person I’ll need all the lessons I can get :slightly_smiling:


I’m really bad at picking one anything, so you get a top 5 (for me that’s an impressive feat!)

  1. Community College Hero - I didn’t like CCH at first, but it’s grown on me quite a bit. It includes some of my favorite romances in any CoG/HG game or game series ever - I’m incredibly partial to both the Mob and Stunner romances, and I enjoy the Tress romance as well (also, if Eric makes Stoic an RO in the name game, I will be very interested to play through that. It also has good replay value - I’ve played it through a dozen or so times at this point and I’m still finding new combinations of choices that create compelling PCs.____

  2. The Versus series - I need to find out what happens!!! Also, amazing replay ability, from a character-focused point of view.

  3. Way Walkers - all the same reasons as Versus (plus a far-fetched hope that Jun will become an RO. That he/she isn’t is one of the greatest disappointments in my life to date).

  4. Guenevere - This is a big project that’s just barely gotten started, and I’m super interested to see where it goes. I suppose it has good replay value, although that hasn’t become particularly evident yet, but the story is fascinating to me as someone who knows way less than she’d like about Arthurian legend.

  5. A tie between Hollywood Visionary and A Study in Scarlet - they both have the most incredible replay value of any games I’ve ever played, except maybe Versus. I have a need to get all the achievements in these games, too, and I haven’t managed that yet (I haven’t gone any of the specific movies with real directors routes yet in Hollywood Visionary, and I can’t bring myself to take the Light-Eater path in A Study in Scarlet).

Basically, I really like Hosted Games and unfinished series. And Hollywood Visionary. It’s the only one in which I can play as myself and be successful :slightly_smiling: