If you could only play one CoG/HG game or game series , which would it be?


Mine would probably have to be the Heroes Rise , the Heroes Rise trilogy being my favourite game series (well apart XCOM , but that’s for the gameplay it has) , having a really compelling story and awesome characters , I am constantly finding myself so immersed in the game , so much so that I can’t semn to put my phone away before finishing the play-trough I’m doing (or read-trough I guess) . With so many endings I find myself wanting to get, I think it’s a pretty solid choice .

Also you can be a superhero what more do you need ?

Runner-ups :

  • The Lost Heir series
  • The Versus series (only 1 game for know though)
  • The (insert noun here) of Infinity series
  • The Demon Among Men series (Trial of the Demon Hunter and Captive of Fortune)

I tried to include as many series as I could think of so I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.



Hmm… Of the games that have been released, probably Way Walkers, though Life of a Wizard is pretty high on my list, too.

I’m also a fan of ‘Slammed!’, even though I don’t care for wrestling. If I had to pick just one, though, it would be one of the other two.


Yeah I would have to agree on Way Walkers because there are 2 games with a third coming out . However , even trough I also really liked SLAMMED! and Life of a Wizard , they’re one of games , and I can’t be tied down to only 1 game :smiley:


My absolute favorite would be the Choice of Romance series :smile:

It was one of the first choice games I played and I still love it… You hardly find any romance related games like this anymore so I’d be more than happy to replay these series over and over. :wink:


Solid choice ! It’s a really good series ! I forgot those games were a thing :sweat_smile:


Choice of Vampire would be my choice, hands down. For some reason the games remind me a little of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.


Yeah those are pretty good too ! I didn’t put them on my list because sometimes I get confused by all the historic stuff going on , mainly in 2 . :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I didn’t like the Heroes rise trilogy at all so hrm…

I guess I’d go with the “of Infinity” series that isn’t even complete, honestly Sabres and Guns have been amazing so far and I have no doubt that Lords and whatever comes after that would be even better.

Runner up though? Lords of Aswick without question. Technically will be a series… maybe… I dunno. But even if not it’s still amazing.

Odd question you have posed though because I can play any of these games and already have. But being able to only play ONE game in your entire life and only that ONE game or series? A hypothetical situation then?

If that’s the case Crusader Kings series seeing how I have been playing CK2 non stop since its release. Literally not a day since it’s release back in 2012 has been spent not playing it.


Oh. Yeah.I forgot to put the “only” in the question . My bad :smiley:

Yeah I sas tempted to put the “of Infinity” series as my answer aswell , but I ended up going for the Heroes Rise because I had a weakness for the latest one , “The Hero Project” , which was like a TV show with superheroes as contestants , where you’re one of them . It really tickled my game bone !

As for CK2 , I never played it but from what I remember it looks similar to the “Total War” games , which I like :grin:


Id pick the ‘Life of a…’ series because of sheer replayability.

Plus I’m a sucker for minmaxing. :wink:

Edit: For video games in general?

Probably XCOM 2 or Mount And Blade: Warband. XCOM 2 because I’m a big fan of XCOM, theres mod support and the procedurally generated stuff means its replayable.

But for Warband, the multiplayer is rather fun, theres a ridiculous amount of mods, the combat is very nice and like I said, replayable.

When you have to stick to a single game or game series, it needs to be able to be replayed.



Those are pretty good too ! I played all of them and enjoyed them , but I felt like they were shallower in actual plot/story then Heroes Rise , The Lost Heir etc. (In my opinion) , meaning I couldn’t replay them as much :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway , they’re still good games , but I wouldn’t ONLY play THEM :relaxed:

EDIT : Yeah XCOM is bae . Also M&B is pretty cool !


Only one? Choice of Robots.

Only two? Tough one, but probably Sabres/Guns of Infinity.


Ohhh yeah the lost heir is also great.

Combines the minmaxing and GAMEPLAY of Wizard but has actual characters and a better plot.

Honestly I didn’t really like Heroes Rise, though I only bought the first one. The plot seemed rather shallow and the characters were a bit TOO perfect/cool, and the forced romance was a bit weird.

But thats all my personal opinion. Everyone has their own tastes.


Literally nothing alike besides the medieval setting. More based on politics than combat.


Another good set , as I said previously I also really like the “of Infinity” games , but they didn’t give me the same kind of “OMG I love this game” vibe as the Heroes Rise gave me.

Choice of Robots was also something I liked , but I was not that good at the actual game (creating succesful robots) so I couldn’t enjoy it as much .

Still, games are awesome , and @Havenstone , you get the honour of being the first mod to talk to me. Brings a tear to mine eye ! ^-^


Well I saw castles , knights and some people dying on a medieval battlefield . Close enough for me ! :wink:


You’ve made me imagine a total war crusader kings mix.

The tactics and combat of total war with the cunning and politics of crusader kings



Good point there . The romance I ended up going with seemed pretty chill , but I later found out she was feeding on life energy of people close to death (occasionaly) , if I can remember corectly :sweat:

The plot too seemed not too complex but in my opinion it picks up later .

Also yeah everyone has personal favourites , so that’s cool <3


Oh yeah that would be quite something :heart_eyes:


I would have to choose Way Walkers, although I loved The Hero Rise games!