If you could make any game into a movie what would it be?


The Hero Rise series & The Lost Heir series.


the best game to make into movie is game used lots of animation and magical stuff so i think skyrim is the best. though about film, it should have a deep and unexpected plot so hitman or the last of us can be considered. i play the first game of dungeon hunter series, you guys might not know it as it has been removed from store, can only find in apknite, a great game and the storyline is fantastic too, maybe they can make it into movie


Max Payne. No they didn’t make a movie about it yet shut up.


Dragon Racer Series
Infinity Series

Make both a trilogy. Would not stop selling tickets


God of War, Skyrim, assassin screed are the best games to be in movie.


@Youche - Assasin’s Creed already has a movie!

Well, It’s quite a question. first of all, there are a lot of games which I would enjoy watching but they would depend upon the direction which, if done fairly, will make a great film otherwise they would end up being shitty flicks.

The second thing is the plotline and pacing. If story of the game is quick and smooth, It can make a great script for an actual film.

A great example of this would be the Wayhaven series. (BTW I know it’s already been done for all the hearthrobs out there…:wink:)


Hands down sabers/guns of infinity, though it would have to be done right. Like practical effects and as little creative liberates as possible. Think like Waterloo or Gettysburg but guns of infinity.

My dream movie right there.


Another one, that might stir up a hornet’s nest. Knights of the Old Republic. Because it would be better than the prequels or the sequels.

I would say Final Fantasy Tactics, but it is enough like Game of Thrones that I can only visualize it as a TV series, not a movie.


the single games or the crappy MMO ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

if the answer is the single games…I rather they leave them alone . the MMO already screwed kotor 1 , I wanna save kotor 2 from stupidity! PROTECT! PROTECT! :rofl:


The single games. I never played The Old Republic. Heard it was good, but I’m not a PC gamer. I have had a Steam profile for a decade and I own four games on it (and it was three until this morning, some guy gave out a free code for Darkest Dungeon), one of which is my own. I have both KotORs on Xbox as well as the first one on my phone. Beat ‘em many times, absolute classics.


they are! and they don’t make good stories like that anymore . I’ve got both installed on my pc…and I still play them now and then . Just last week , I did a Jade empire playtrough while my friend was visiting and she hadn’t played in ages . So it was fun .

I love both kotor 1 and 2 , but kotor 2 is my favorite . The MMO is being run by a skeleton crew…aka life support…but nobody would say that . I like to see a game I dont care much about turned into a movie…then something I love too much! cose if they ruin it…AH!


True. It hurt to see what they did to Max Payne, especially because it should have been so easy. The game is extremely cinematic already, given its noir roots. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it could have been the first actually great game to movie adaption. Instead we have to keep waiting.

I am a huge Jade Empire fan too! Sir Roderick Ponce von Fontlebottom the Magnificent Bastard is hands down the best NPC in history. And not just because he gives you Mirabelle. I played through that about a year ago on my phone and have the special edition on the Xbox too.


I can’t find a link to a respectable website so take the following with a large-ish grain of salt, but…

Disney are apparently planning a new series for their streaming service set in the “Old Republic” universe. No details if this will be the time of the Kotor, Swtor, or something else so maybe they can avoid the problem of having to choose one “cannon” version of characters that we’ve all customized, and imagined our own versions of.


There’s a lot of games I would like to see become a movie. It’s having the movie be a well-executed one that seems to be the main trick question on the matter. :sweat_smile:

But I’d probably like to see Avalon Code come to life as a animated movie. It’s got a pretty good story that I could see being a interesting thing to see unfold on the big screen (and maybe give a better opportunity to have some of the concepts presented in the game be fully fleshed out).


After having thought more about it I think I second what @Camille622 said it wouldn’t be a good idea to make movie adaptations out of these games. It’s one thing that the movie creators would have to decide to go with one portrayal for the MC which surely wouldn’t please everyone since everyone has their own imaginations about the MC and many other stuff in game. Also I know for sure that I definitely wouldn’t want to see another adaptation of a game where the a cusomizable MC is set as male. That’s another boring thing, somehow I don’t remember of a game with customizable MC where the canon would be the female version.


I don’t know what to hope for there. If nothing else, it at least would have a good chance of a HK droid popping up.


I will be the first to admit that the few video games that managed to get the movie treatment haven’t been executed well and that alternate portrayals of an MC can very much be a hit-or-miss matter.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a idea that should not be pursued. The concept has a good deal of untapped potential in it; it’s mainly a matter of understanding what kinds of games, how to implement it in the story-telling, and understanding what it is about the video games that the fans love while sometimes taking a chance and occasionally putting a spin to it (in a way that makes sense).


What we need is more skilled writers and directors taking on game adaptations. Most of them have been green rookies or journeymen with little natural talent. I still wonder about Blomkamp’s Halo. That and his Alien 5 are two projects I really wish had come to fruition.


That’s not a bad idea (more experience writers and directors could certainly help avoid potential pitfalls and create interesting ways to approach things). :thinking: But here’s what I think is the tricky part; no one’s truly has an idea on how to have a video game adaption transition effectively into a movie. Many have mostly perfected how to do that with other media (books, TV shows, etc), but there is often little experience on how to do that with video games BECAUSE there’s kind of a unfortunate assumption that video games just can’t really do it as movies.

So I think, more than anything, we kind of need more people experimenting with the movie telling of video games while truly having a grasp on game they’re working (even working alongside those who created the game) and taking into account what strategies might be the best to use. Basically, a good deal of playing around with things to get a better idea of what would work.


Hm, from the top of my head, I can only think of Icarus Sun. Despite being a WIP, I love it so so much.