If you could make any game into a movie what would it be?


Self explanatory. For me it will be Ark survival Evolved, why because if you read the explorer notes it reveals a very interesting story line so the movie will be based off of those.


Into a move?
It’d probably be a long one. Straight out of a Sentai. Rivaling light novel titles in length.


Dragon Age Origins/ Inquisition
Fallout 3
Wayhaven Chronicles
Shepherds of Haven
Shadow Society
Evertree Inn
Grim and I
Heart of the House
Magician’s Burden
Tally Ho!
Dragon Racer
Curious Cuisine
Supernatural in New York
The Last Of Us
Detroit: Become Human
Drag Star


The Dragoon saga.
(Sabres of Infinity and the follow ups.)
Also Frostpunk.
Fall of Winterhome would be pretty interesting.


So, so many. Wont give explanations though, as otherwise this post would be novel length xd, and don’t have many favourite actors/actresses, as most films I like have great performances from people who are in barely anything else, at least that I’ve seen. Plus most of these games get me super emotional, and even thinking about them in depth would get me emotional…but anyhoo xd, my list:

Life is strange series
zombie high
zombie exodus safe haven (but only with my mc played by Saoirse Ronan)
Shenmue 2 (Shenmue is already a film, and I have it : p )
Mass effect series (with my female mc who is a renegade except with crew mates and people she likes)
Silent Hill (I know, I know but it doesn’t count as it isn’t directly based on the first game is it)
silent hill the room
Fahrenheit/indigo prophesy
Frost (another delight games game)
mirror’s edge
Shenmue 3 (apparently there is a finished story for the game, so I’m counting it! :stuck_out_tongue: )
…sims, based on my head canon where my single young adult mc adopts loads of female children and forces them to paint and keeps all the money from the sales for herself, I’d be curious to see what that’d look like.
GTA 3, vice city and 4
that choice of game I played recently, the grim reaper and I?
that other game by Jim D a choice of time?

…And I think that’s it :stuck_out_tongue: . Oh and fyi, I know video game films have a bad reputation, but I really liked the Max Payne film, the second Hitman film and Doom, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue: .


Ooooh I loved FROST and INDIGO PROPHECY! :heart:


Detroit: Become Human


The Last of Us


Disney needs to just buck up and make KINGDOM HEARTS films as well


I swear I’m not just trying to be contrary, but I really can’t think of any game I’d like to see as a movie.

The games I love all have customizable protagonists, and choices along the way so…unless the film-makers somehow consulted me I’d never be as happy with their choices as I would be with my own. Of course, every other fan of that game would have their own set of choices about who the main character is and what they do.

Even games with no choices and a set, well-defined main character (The Last of Us, Uncharted, Tomb Raider) work better, for me as games. I don’t want to watch Lara Croft have an adventure. I want to be Lara Croft and go on an adventure.


Tin Star. I’m a sucker for Westerns.


actually this is a great idea .

You know , along @Camille622 points about the gender thing , maybe a movie with no lead roles beside dinosaure and T-rex and a couples of survivors…nameless…and some ruins , left-behind-journal…it be a great movie !

It would also get out of the trope of ‘dinsaure brough back , gotta save…eat everyone half way there’’ :sweat_smile:

I think movies like that one…MAX ? can make you say ‘hey! that’s just like fallout !’’ .

And it really is! in the game…you keep telling npc to clean around themself . In the movie , you ask them to tak a shower…progress :rofl:

I would love to see…Samurai of Hyuuga . Imagine , a female ronin . and I give the role to Michelle Yeoh . Wonder if she can get out of the Jedi robe vibes though…

And Hero rise serie…save meh from updates of old marvels movies…


Outlast (1 and Whistleblower) because I think it would make an awesome horror movie.

And Red Dead Redemption 2…so I could enjoy the marvelous and heartbreaking story every time without having to replay it.

Oh, and Hollow Knight for that strange atmosphere, like a beautiful rotten dream. And the Lore is very rich. Lots of action as well.


The Great Tournament was my first hosted game/cog title I read so that’s definitely up there, personally my list would go as follows.

The Great Tournament
Witcher 3
Cyberpunk 2077 (whenever it releases)
Dark souls
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice


Honestly, this question is way more difficult than people realise. I think most people are treating it as “which game has the best story”.

But that doesn’t mean it would make a good film, because the way that games get across their story is different to the way that movies get it across. Dragon Age’s stories would not work presented as a movie. There’s way too much of it. Even just establishing the premise would take the full runtime of the movie.

Even “cinematic” games like The Last of Us that use frequent uninteractable cutscenes using the same language as film wouldn’t really benefit from just putting the same story on film, because you’re not really doing anything new. Just play the game on easy if the story is all you’re here for.

No, we need a game where transferring it to the big screen would add something interesting and new that captures the spirit of the game without copying it, something that takes the philosophy of the game and applies it to a 2-hour timeblock.

My recommendation is …

… Silent Hill, I guess. Except do it well. Focus on exploring one character’s psychological profile in the context of horror metaphors. That’s something that we can play with using the language of film in a different way to the language of video games while still achieving the same effect.


well I think you can make the dragon age serie into a movie . Make it the next Lord of the ring look-alike…and if anyone could sit trough 3h per movie of hobbit with hairy feets crawling their way into the mountain…me think anyone would sit trough a movie with some Maker preaching-darkspawn drooling-and arch demon looking for his pants . :laughing:


Movies never present every detail of the book/game. Dragon Age Origins would work if they only presented the main storyline and maybe a bit about the party members…though Inquisition would need to be a trilogy. And not include the endless search for elfroot…

Things get ADAPTED into movies when they are otherwise too long or hard to film. Like LOTR or Harry Potter…much is left out of the films.


I would rather have movies set in the universe of a game, just like Assassins Creed did, rather than straight adapt a game’s story into a movie. Universes like Fallout or Mass Effect could very easily do this.

That said I would love a Metal Gear Solid movie based on either the original game or Snake Eater.




Only you got the point. Game based movies will always have low rating.because everyone of us has a different character built in our world.

Movies based on games can not even be made at a full potential. Every professional movie Based on Assassin Creed was a failure. I have seen some amateur short movies that were passable.how can a actor ever do those moves.maybe some free runners but do they get professional budget?

Games based on movies are not much famous because creaters try to keep character very limited to keep them related to movie.that kills the fun.