*if code in choicescript_stat

Hello everyone! I am back with another problem.

I started a stat chart which went great until I decided that I want to include class of the character and specialization. The thing is that both of these depend on if the player has chosen a certain race and that’s where my problem begins. So far I am trying to use *if code but it’s not working out. Let me just post you here with what I have done so far, maybe some of you will be able to spot the mistake or missing code.

*set race “vampire”=true
*set race “hekan”=true

text name
text gender
text race

*if race “vampire”=true
text class

*if race “hekan”=true
text specialization

text Political_power
text Strength
text Intelligence
text Willpower

The indentation is there as it should be. In fact the error message I am getting in quicktest is this one:

Error: choicescript_stats line 9: Invalid expression at char 14, expected OPERATOR, was: STRING [“vampire”]

To be honest, I am not so sure what to make of it. Any ideas?

Ah, no need to solve this anymore! Figured it out (^^)