If anyone is writing a traditional novel


…the Ink and Insights contest might be helpful to you!

Ink and Insights is a fiction novel contest aimed at providing detailed feedback to writers both experienced and new. Each entry is read, scored, and critiqued by a panel of four expert judges, each of whom provides (at least) 20 pages’ worth of judging and detailed commentary on the story.

There are two categories, Master and Apprentice: Apprentice is for writers who are early in their manuscripts but want feedback, advice, and critiques for their writing, all from experienced editors and published writers–and there’s a significant cash prize, too!

The Master category is for more experienced writers who are approaching the point where their manuscript is ready for publication. Along with the cash prize, the Master entries compete against each other through the judges’ scoring–and the highest entries are given to literary agents who have partnered with the contest. You can skip the query letters, middle-men, etc.; we’ve had a few novels contracted by these agents and published already! They will also provide feedback on your manuscript from an agent’s perspective, no matter what.

It’s a great tool for any writers out there who are passionate about their novels but need a little push or insight. (And it’s a potential way to get an agent/published by a traditional publisher!) The contest is open to all genres and all writers (though the language has to be in English); you only submit the first 10,000 words of your manuscript.

I happen to be a judge this year, so if you plan to submit, don’t tell me anything about your story! :slight_smile: It’s all blind judging. The deadline is June 30; I didn’t think it’d be relevant here but happened to see a thread where @Eric_Moser asked about anyone here writing traditional novels! Hope this is helpful to someone out there! :slight_smile: Cheers!


This sounds like an amazing contest. I don’t imagine I’ll be writing a traditional novel any time soon, but good luck to anyone here who enters.


Oh wow, I had no idea this was a thing, thank you for the heads-up! Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to get my manuscript together in time to be able to enter into the Apprentice contest, but I’ll be glad to enter next year, so thanks for the info! :grin:


Augh, too bad I don’t have anything I’m willing to send in, turning them all into games :slight_smile: But it looks cool!