Ideas for Dealing with Writer's Block?


do a mental puzzle, that helps you to focus.


Think outside the box.
I mean, i’m not much of a writer so what i can tell you is that you need to give birth to the craziest ideas that come out of your mind atm related to the story. Then you separate those ideas and start thinking on how you could work with them, only after this you start thinking and giving logical background to these events.
If this doesn’t work, then go out reading, listening to music or whatever it is that is related to what you’re writing.


Wolven storm is wonderful. Actually used to fall asleep to it when I had racebrain.


Another thing I do when I’m stuck on something in particular is to just keep it in my mind and kind of tell my subconscious to “think about it”, then I’ll go and do something else, like stinky work, and every so often give that idea some thought, or even just remind myself what I’m trying to solve. Usually, within the day my subconscious will hand me the answer on a shiny silver platter, and I yell out “GENIUS!!!” regardless of the current situation and number of strange people around (Ps - The whole yelling thing is totally made up). I find it to be quite effective. Sometimes it does take a while when the issue is more complex, but it always seems to work itself out somehow. I swear my subconscious does more writing then I do…