Ideas for Authors

I have an idea or well several ideas and well I want these games to include more than two kids. maybe five at the most.
I was thinking Harry Potter for one. like be either Harry or Draco’s husband/wife and the other’s lover and before the husband can find out make them biologically Harry or Draco’s depending on who is the life partner and who is the lover.

For the second I was thinking a game like Affairs of the Court except if you are married while mistress to the King you have both your husband’s child plus the King’s or when something like de Vega or de Mendosa happens you can get pregnant by them but they will be thought of as the King’s/Queen’s

And a Hocus Pocus one with three different beginnings and endings (hey I am Christian but I am also curious) one where Emily lives one the regular one and the other a darker one.

And the last one, one where you are Queen and have to marry and have heirs but after you conceive and give birth to the first heir you take a lover and like the other games you have five kids two are the king consorts two are your lovers and the last is combined

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