Idea: Forum Awards


This is totally just an idea, so if you think this is a bad idea, please do tell!

2014 is coming to an end, and before 2015 arrives, I thought we could a poll to show the best of 2014. This is primarily concerned with WIPs, Hosted Games, and COG games made in 2014.

The categories I have in mind are:
-Best Male character in a WIP/Hosted Game/COG game
-Best Female character in a WIP/Hosted Game/COG game
-Best Villain in a WIP/Hosted Game/COG game
-Best WIP
-Best Hosted Game
-Best COG game
-Writer of the Year

Uhm, the poll will run all throughout December, and every week, there’s a status report to show who’s in the top ten of each category.

I don’t really have it fleshed out as much, and I thought I’d want to see the other member’s thoughts about it first. And, uhm, for the poll part, I plan on using Polldaddy. Here’s an example:

Is this a good or bad idea?


Hi @Sandstorm I love that avatar of yours it’s cute and I almost didn’t recognise you there.

Personally, I’m not a fan of awards where one person is chosen, since they’re very subjective. Well not unless we’re measuring something quantifiable. Also polls are extremely easy to mess with. I’d prefer to see lists of top tens (in no particular order), better yet if there’s a blurb about why each character is on the list.

I also don’t think it’s fair to pitch the WIPs against the Hosted and COG. I’d be more inclined to suggest a list of Most Anticipated WIPs.

Also, you have a problem in that most Choice of Games allow for gender flips of the NPCs. So how do you decide which character is male, which is female? Wouldn’t it be best to just have Friend/Villain/Romance or something? Best’s subjective though. I’d much rather see a list based article where everyone’s included and no one loses. But then they’re quite a lot of work.

Since I’m weird though I actually love the idea of a contest where people write a short blurb on their favourite character in a recent game, or about their recent game, and we then judge those for which are the best. Or randomly pick some.


While I like the concept I agree with @FairyGodfeather.


@FairyGodfeather My avatar is Rinslet Laurenfrost from the anime Seirei Tsukai :slight_smile:
Actually, the category for the WIPs are separate from the HGs and the COGs. And yeah, NPCs that can flip genders would be a bit of a problem…


Good idea, good suggestions, although not sure about a top ten, wouldn’t a top ten CoGs or HGs of the year basically be all the CoGs/HGs released this year? Maybe a top 5?


Yeah, based on Jason’s release date thread, there would be 10 eligible HGs and 7 eligible CoGs, plus any released before the end of the year, so perhaps top 5 lists, or even just top 3 lists would work?

The WiP part might be hard just considering the sheer number. I’m guessing there have been over 50 new WIP threads this year? (Just a guess)


Okay top 3 sounds good. I checked the list of this year’s games and realised that some of those I liked were released last year. Oops. I’ll admit, I’d love to do the whole back catalogue games, with a couple of categories for games released this year.

I wouldn’t divide them into best male and female characters though.

Best Antagonist. (I’d choose antagonist rather than villain.) Best Protagonist. Best Friend/Sidekick! Best Narrator Voice!

I’d actually suggest scenes as well like Best Action Sequence, Sweetest Romance, Most Poignant Moment, Funniest Scene, and Most Beautiful Description. Or scene that had you in tears, on the edge of your seat, laughing out loud, hiding in terror, gasping in awe or whatnot. (I’m sure we can phrase those better). At least in that case we’re actually looking for something a bit more specific.

I don’t actually like the idea of writer of the year either, since again I think that’s subjective. I also think that the official Choice of Games have the huge advantage of having access to editors which the Hosted Games don’t so you can’t really compare the writers of the two.

Also, what do we do about “Creatures Such As We” and any other choicescript games which don’t fall into any of the three categories of CoG, HG or WIP?


Creatures Such As We will be published by COG next year.

I should put it on the 2015 list…


That’s fantastic news! I’m so glad you’re actually able to publish Creatures Such As We. I didn’t think it would be possible. I’m thrilled that it is.


It’ll be free (we can’t charge for it for multiple reasons), but we’ll definitely publish it.