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Hey guys! How is it going? I hope all of you are doing just as fine as me.

The point of this topic if to ask for your help with an idea of mine, maybe it isn´t the best idea ever, but I like it, and I hope some of you my like it too. So, I have only wrote the first part of the story(kind of); by the way, all names are open to change and any idea is welcome, this is to see if the idea is liked or not, if it have potential or not, so, with nothing else to add, I let you with the first part of what I´ve been doing, hope you enjoy it.

" In an age with wars raging everywhere, it isn´t rare for it to exist multiple Thieves Guilds, this Guilds are full of thieves, just as it name indicates, but, there is a particularity, they arený just simple thiefs, these are basically the name that´s given to those who want to accomplish their dreams by any means neccesary.

Fame, knowledege, power, whatever you wished, if you didn´t care about how you obtained it, then a Thieve Guild is just what you need, but there are always some troubles, for example, some “thieves” with the same objective, they will clearly oppose each other, or they can make an alliance, but that it´s rare to see, almost all of these thiieves are just scoundrels after all.

In the continent of Anzora, a continent very far away to the east, exist five countries wich have been in war for almos 300 years, these countries were Kilcia, ruled by King Robert, a country wich believed in “justice”, but aplied at their own way, Tulmania, ruled by queen Rosalia, a country wich was told to be extremely beautiful, full of flowers and kind people, but as every rose has her spines, so does this country, Golvana, ruled by King Golvus IV, a miner country, mostly because their lands are full with inactive volcanos, their people are full of pride, Pulcer, ruled by Queen Aria, it is said that this country has the stronger soldiers, due to the harsh enviroment of the montains which extend all over the country, and finally Jolsia, ruled by King Hector II, a frostland, mostly, but with high magical concentration, due to this they had some of the best magicians.

This world is also one of magic and monsters, the most basic thing to know is “magic essence”, this so called “essence” was basically, the amount of magic in the ambient, with more magic essence, the magician could also cast better quality spells, but this also meant that magicians where at disadvantage in enviromentts with low magic essence… wrong! The more time someone(may it be a person or an animal) expended at an enviroment with magic essence, the more they would start to absorb, and the more someone had absorbed, then the more they would produce themselves, this is why the country of Jolsia was extremely dangerous, there lived magic beasts, this were beast so powerful that they could easily kill one thousand men without making the smaller effort, luckily, they were few.

Summarizing, living beings absorb the magic essence in the environment, the more they absorb, the more they are able to produce, making them more powerful, but still, there are quite a lot which cannot use magic, thanks to that the country of Jolsia was kind of safe, still, only 1 in every 1000 persons will be born capable of absorbing magic essence.

Controlling this magic essence, the magicians could bend reality itself, depending on their atributte, the magic they used was different, for example, in the country of Kilcia, their magicians were of holy atributte, capables of using multiple light spells and healing almost lethal wounds at an amazing speed, this was thanks to the blessing of one of the tree middle Gods, the Goddess Vilmaria, as a gift to a hero who freed her from a curse, in the country of Tulmania, their magicians were of Nature atributte, capables of bending nature itself, the more powerful ones were capables of creating inmense forests in the blink of an eye, of course, as they could bend life itself, there were also many Necromancers, they were given this atribute thanks to the Queen making almost every corner of her country something like a beautiful garden, in the country of Golvana, there were Fire Magicians, due to the volcanos being incatie, there were still magma underground, making the environment of the entire country extremely hot, this magicians were called “The Destroyers”, this was thanks to the fact they could burn an entire town in aboslutely nothing of time, in the country of Pulcer, there magicians capable of flying, this was because they growed in an environment where there were high winds wich traveled at an amazing speed, they were also capable of bending wind itself, and finally, the country of Jolsia, this was the country of the most powerful magicians, a few even capable of freezing time itself, those who weren´t all that powerful andall mighty could at least freeze an entire city very easily.

The war that this five countrys were fighting, was a fight among themselves, it all started with the fall of the Almighty Dragon Xenos, to destroy Xenos all five countrys sended everything they had, from their best men to the newly trained soldiers, Xenos had his lair exactly in the middle of the five countries, but even with the efforts of all five countrys, the troops were very easily killed, even the most skilled magicians were killed as if they were nothing more than cockroaches, but, almost miracously, a Hero appeared from nowhere, no one knew who he was, but he was capable of subduing Xenos all by himself, although he didn´t killed, he sealed him, but at the cost of his life, after this, the countrys started to fight to see who should take the credit from the what Hero had done, i know, a truly stupid reason, but they wanted to be known as “The Ruler of The Country Which Defeated Xenos”, it started with just two countrys, but the others were adding themselves to the war little by little, and because they were so many, if one country attacked aother with full power, another country would take advantage of the first country, and so it were, with small battle after small battle, leaving thousands and thousands of deaths behind.

Because there was so much war, many people decided to join Thieves Guilds to be able to at least get food, this Guilds did pretty much everything, stealing, killing, raping, anything they wanted to do or anything they would be paid for, and because of so many years of war, there were childrens who were born directly inside some Thieves Guild, making them practically criminals since their childhood. Our protagonist is one of those, born directly inside a Thieve Guild, with his parents being murdered for not having paid enough for their food, wishing for more power just to take revenge on this war wich caused the death of his( or her) parents, to take revenge on those who caused this war just for their own selfish wishes, and so, his journey to being a hero, or a villain… begins!"

Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this!



The world you want to create is rich with detail. As far as how to develop the story, it depends what age audience you intend to write for. You can always use the “revenge or redemption” binary to create conflicting goals. But is it that simple? Are there shades of grey that make it difficult to understand right and wrong? The people who killed the main character’s parents… did they start out as villains, or did things happen to them to make them that way? Do they even think they’re the villains? Perhaps they think they are in the right. Underneath all of the magic and fantasy, if you tell a story about human interaction, then I believe you will find success.


Thanks for reading and for takin the time to comment. As for what you say, I don´t want it to be that simple as for the protagonist to be defined easily as good or bad, i intend to add many more details and twist the history a lot more further beyond, i want people to be able to reflect themselves in the protagonist, and try to give them as much freedom as I can, to make it so that they feel the protagonist is a reflection on themselves until a certain point, and also, I would really like to not only make one game, that would make reaaally long, maybe it could be a trilogy? Or maybe just a game wit a sequel? That will depend on how much the idea is liked by everyone. And once again, thanks for the feedback!


Sounds nice interesting can’t wait for demo to try it out

This looks promising! It definitely reminds me of the Gentleman Bastard series and Skyrim…
It might be a little too easy to overpower the PC with magic and thief skills unless carefully checked…

Why does the PC want to take revenge on ‘the war’ when the people in charge of the Thieves’ Guild are responsible? Also, if there are many different thieves’ guilds, shouldn’t they have unique names, maybe each after a different aspect of the thieve’s patron god… Just a thought…

(This is what I was talking about with the Gentleman Bastard series…)

I will try to release alpha as soon as posible, please look forward to it


Well, the PC is a bit radical, and there are other circumstances wich I will be mentioning a little bit in the future, and what you say about Guilds it will be implemented, anyways, thanks for the feedback!


To put it simply:

5 countries duke it out on the continent of Anzora for bragging rights on who takes credit for an ancient hero sealing away a dragon, and now people are starving due to all the fighting. Thieves guilds pop up for people that want to get what they want without caring how they get it, and our protagonist is one of those few after our parents were murdered. There’s also magic but everyone does something different with it.

An interesting premise, but I’ll wait and see the demo before I make any concrete judgement. Also don’t be suprised if a mod decides to put this into a different thread, as we get quite a few of these sorts of threads for ideas, and the title of this thread doesn’t do it any favors.

Anyways, good luck with your WIP. :relaxed:

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The idea sounds great but we can select from which country we are or will we always be the same?

Yeah, that’s pretty much it, although I hope you like when it gets out.

Thanks for the feedback!

I hope I can make it so that you can choose the country, depending on the country there would be certain pros and cos, but look forward to it!

Thanks for the feedback!

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The premise seems interesting. And the intricate world seems nice. I’ll look forward to this.

I hope you truly enjoy it when it gets out.

Thanks for the feedback!

I think this is wonderful :grinning:

No, really!

The world is very deep and it has the bones for a great story!

Thanks! I´m really glad you like it.

Thanks for the feedback!

U can make it somehow that we r the son or daughter of that hero. That’ll be so cool.and we can use magic (espacialy necromancy) and multiple endings. Oh and please don’t forget the realationship bar.

I hadn´t thought about that, that would be a very interesting twist, and, of course, i wouldn´t forget one the things i consider more important in one of these games… relationships, i´m gonna try to give the PC multiple options to choose from, about genders… i´m still working in that, anyways, i hope you enjoy it when the alpha gets out.

Thanks for the feedback!

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