I'd vote for Karl Marx if it got these idiots out of politics


Obama, Romney they both are crape canditates whoever disagrees your opinion whoever agrees good.


This is for those sane people who realize that both candidates suck and wish for there opinion to be expressed and for those who disagree but come on who has better opinions than those who read choose your own adventures right, and yes I realize my spelling sucks and this is a major run-on sentence!


Mmm, crapes…


Yes grapes are good.


I believe political parties are a clever rouse to create an us vs them factor and distract people from the fact that all major parties are corrupt


I like grapes too. And I think “crapes” is actually spelled “crepes.” I like crepes. But not with grapes. That is, not with grapes in them. Crepes with grapes on the side are fine.


Us a man that identifies himself us a communist.What does Karl Marx have to do with this?

Actually no I mostly identify myself to left wing extremism because I also refer to myself us a Left wing Vanguard Bonapartist.


There’s nothing wrong with Marx you know


Never said there was a problem I am just asking where does Marx fit into this?


I would rather have a grape than a crepe.


Red grapes are actually good for your prostate, if you have one. Don’t know what crepes are good for, but some of them taste good.


Wow for a thread with a very Stright goal we got really off topic


Hey, the very first post talks about crape. Crape is a misspelling obviously, and it was meant to be crap not crepe, which is where I took it, but not until after the person who started the thread brought up grapes. I think food is more interesting than politics, and definitely any guy should be interested in the health of his prostate. But I’ll go away and let y’all talk about Marx and idiots if that’s what you prefer.


What ARE crepes, exactly, anyway? Does any really know?


crepe is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour (crêpes de Froment) or buckwheat flour (galettes)


i copied and pasted from wiki the one site that has never let me down


Seriously people it’s just a saying. America was at war with the ideals of communism during the cold war. So it means willing to take a leap of faith on something new basically. If you get my drift and yes I realize that communism has never been successfully executed before, but like I said it’s just a saying on an off topic political discussion on a website.


Who do you like for VP? :smiley:


That’s a whole 'nother discussion altogether Horace.


When I was growing up, a family friend would make crepes with strawberries and sugar. Holy sheeeit those were good.