I'd like feedback on something I wrote. It's short, nothing extensive


Hey there :^) The gist of it is that I was assigned a character sketch as part of a topic we’re covering in class, and my professor is way too relaxed for my liking and elected not to provide any sort of instructions as to what he wanted the final product looking like, beyond a word count. The way he’s going to be ‘evaluating’ it (it isn’t getting marked, not really) is that before we were permitted to begin the assignment, we did basic outlines in class. Now, those were basically short biographies with a few character traits thrown in. He’ll be evaluating the final sketches against the outlines and seeing if the ‘generalities’ of character come across (seeing if he can pick out the traits, basically), so I’d like a few eyes on it before I send it off to him because the lack of structure makes me a little nervous. Since he said the context could literally be anything, I actually did one of my characters from a COG wip, which he’s got no problems with. LMK if you’re interested and I’ll PM you a link.
I won’t tell you the traits I mentioned, I’d just like to see what is communicated to you.


I’m not sure what LMK means, but I’m willing to give feedback.


‘Let me know’ would be my guess. Dang kids and your newfangled l33tsp33k.

I would be glad to take a look.


Alright thanks man. (Dont worry, Im not too up to date on “text talk” either).


Me too… :slight_smile: