I will not be writing anymore


So after waiting over a year for Captive of Fortune to be officially published and then getting terrible reviews on all the platforms because of a bug in the save system that I had nothing to do with, I’ve realized that it simply isn’t worth it to keep writing anymore. I will not be completing Foundation of Nightmares, Journey of the Chess Master, Winter of the Bovine, or Colonisng Kepler 62e: Paradox.

Of course, if the reviewers miraculously decide to change their ratings to something that actually reflects their opinions of the story after it has been updated and published on the site, I will reconsider. As it is, it’s just not worth it. This is too much to handle.


I dont really know what to say because I am horrible with words but all I can say is that I guess I feel confident enough to say that the community appreciate you a lot and that if you do leave you will be incredibly missed. Most CoG and HG titles usualy had bad reviews for stupid reasons and we cant really control the casuals opinion but seriously I saw reviews on steam complaining because it was only words so such pathetic reviews are not worth much. I can go and give you the best review I can and I encourage others to do so but that is the limit of what most of us can do. I wish you good luck and I hope you wont leave us.


I really appreciate that. I want reviews that are honest, though. If you like the story, a good review is great. If you don’t like the story, a bad review is understandable. I just don’t think my story can recover from a 1 star average on Apple, a 2 on Amazon and a 3.8 on Android because of something that’s out of my control. It’s depressing because I expected a much better reception of CoF than TotDH got, but that won’t happen now, and all those months of work are basically for nothing.


On the Apple App Store at least there isn’t any reviews yet. I think this might be a bit premature. It was just released. Besides you are going to take flak for bugs. Most people have no idea who is responsible for what behind the scenes.


The ratings haven’ t shown up on the page yet, but you can see that if you search COF on Google, the result for Apple shows that it’s a 1\5. And the thing is, sales will be nonexistent and unless the reviewers go back and change their reviews after reading it once the bug has been fixed, it will always be low, or at least much lower than the quality suggests.


Don’t stop writing because of some stupid reviewers!

It’s a great hobby and your writing is well liked. Write for your fans and for your own personal enjoyment. And remember, you have fans! How cool is that? If your writing was terrible, you wouldn’t have any. :slight_smile: Don’t let the ignorant trolls win.


Honestly I like the story and I only wish for more. Right now I cant continue part 2 because of the bug but I understand that it will be taken care of and I will be able to continue the story. These people probably rated like this expecting their critique to be a motivation to fix the bug but fail to understand that something so superficial hurt the author and the game. Personaly I thinl you should keep going because even though right now you have to deal with crappy reviews, maybe your next one will drown you in praise. I believe that you have potential and that this is only a bad phase.


Maybe if the reviews straighten out after CoF is released, I’ll be more motivated. The bug will be fixed when it comes out on what might be the 18th, but as of now, I just feel defeated. Thanks for all your support, though, everyone.


You shouldnt let bad reviews discourage you from writing, just becuase a few individuals (who are most likely insecure about themselves) gives you a bad review. It is alaways important to continue in what you love dispite of what others say.


If they really just didn’t like the story, I would respect that and it would be a different matter. I just don’t believe I deserve these ratings because of something that I can’t control, and I think the more appropriate response is to just report the bug because it can be fixed and then the problem is solved. This has been a long time in coming, though. I had to wait an agonizing 12 months and then when it finally gets released, this happens.

The biggest thing is that no one will take a gamebook with a 1/5 or 2/5 seriously. It will be completely ignored and many people who would have enjoyed the story won’t give it a chance.


So you’ll just give up because people didn’t like your stories? You could take their criticism and use it to better your stories but hey do whatever you want dude.


I understand what you mean, I had similar probelem when I wrote my first fanfiction. It is never easy to hear criticism for a small unimportant mistake but like I said the best thing you can do is continue to write. There will always be somebody who will find a reason to criticise you.


I hate that some people give one star for technical bugs.
At least me, whenever i see that a game have many 5 or 4 star ratings and then a bunch of 1-star, then i know that those were only for some techincal or stupid things and i ignore them.
Rarely anyone who really review any game will score it with only one star, so those are usually just for some idiotic things like “a bug!”, “only words!” or “not in my language!”.
I dont know if you see different scoring or only average on apple, but on google play thats how i look at games. So maybe others do similar? A few of low ratings are not condemning the game entirely.


It doesn’t seem like you read the post. Thanks for the “help” though. Yeah, I’ll definitely better my stories by fixing bugs that I have nothing to do with, lol.


I love your stories and if you enjoy writing I would say that’s what matters. Yes it’s unfortunate because of the bug but these things happen and sometimes you just have to pick yourself back up and carry on. Of course, I understand that it’s tough and I am really sorry this happened, but just know that you’re a great writer and a lot of people will be sad to see you stop doing something you love because of something out of your control.

I wish people wouldn’t rate based on a technical issue but unfortunately that’s the case and in the end the decision is ultimately up to you - it’s understandable if you decide to stop. I just hope you don’t :slight_smile:


Your sarcasm and self-hatred getting a bit out of hand here, @Samuel_H_Young
Go and drink a cup of tea and take a nap or something before you say things you will regret once your head clears up.

Also, as a response to

Warning: The following message will undoubtedly lack subtlety.

That’s basically what tends to happen when you try to do something no-one has ever done before (or at least not in that form). Things break and people get angry and say hurtful things. So what? Giving up won’t solve anything. Instead show those bastards what you’re made of and make them eat their words, preferably by blowing them out of the water with something so amazing even those idiots won’t be able to ignore it.

That’s my two cents anyway.


I agree with @Cecilia_Rosewood and i hope you continue @Samuel_H_Young
Haters gonna hate. But dont give up, If its something you love to do :slight_smile:


Please don’t give up @Samuel_H_Young , not only are you a talented writer, you are also an absolute pillar of the CoG community and have provided many of us on here with great help, advice and feedback.

Of course it is disheartening when you read bad reviews. In your current predicament I’d say 2 things. People will give bad reviews for a buggy game; they don’t know it wasn’t you who made the error, they just see a buggy game. BUT once the update comes out fixing it, the score on the apple store at least is reset. So only reviews and ratings posted after the update will count. So don’t give up on your new game just yet. And definitely don’t give up on your other projects, you’re doing some really interesting stuff!

Hope this helps.


So sad to see this post! In the relatively brief time I have been more than just a lurking fan of CoG up until we were published, I have always been impressed with how supportive you are of the forum and community (in fact, you were among to first to make me feel welcome).
This sounds terribly frustrating, I can only imagine how discouraging it must feel. Heck, I still get salty when people complain (and, yes, rate low as a result) that our game is only part one of a series, when we VERY CLEARLY posted in all of the promo descriptions and the intro page of the game itself that that was the case! :sweat: Like any artist who puts their heart and soul into a project and puts it out for public consumption, we can’t force people to be more understanding or read more thoroughly or change their reviews using logic if they don’t understand how the system works (or even want to be bothered to try, for that matter). And that’s even when things go smoothly!
Anyway, all of this is to say that I hope the sting of this disappointment is temporary and that it doesn’t dampen your resolve or creativity, because you’re an awesome writer and, from my humble and limited perspective, seem to be a really decent person. Sometimes you just have to walk away from a project or situation until it feels more manageable again. Very sorry to hear about your trouble.


If you stop writing, the short sighted and bad reviewers win. You’ve written too much to just stop now, of that I am sure.

This medium requires perseverance. Keep writing. Take the week off, or grab a drink or something, but keep writing.