I was wondering


I have two games that I want to make; both are horror games involving demons and a mansion, not much there.

One is Demon Manor, which I’ve worked on a little, but I don’t really have a proper direction for where it would go. However, it has character customization…
Which the second game, Red Candle, doesn’t have. You would have to play a set MC, unfortunately. However, it DOES have a direction I want to go in, it will have better NPC development (I hope) and will have different plot devices to Demon Manor. However, I don’t have coding ready for Red Candle so it would be a while before a demo could be expected. However, I want to use puzzles and have an RPG vibe to it; since I was initially going to make the game in RPG Maker 2003 but when a friend told me I had to re-do sprites that took me THREE FIDDLESTICKING HOURS to do because of a green outline around them, I said ‘Fiddlestick that’. I want to do it in RPG Maker VX which was a little easier to use, but that’s only a trial…

That went off-topic, but I can’t decide between the two since I already have coding for Demon Manor, but know where I’m going with Red Candle. So which would you prefer?


Well to be honest i really like the Demon Manor :stuck_out_tongue: since i never knew the other one and well i like the fact that a woman is killing me rather than a man :">


There’s two female antagonists and one male antagonist in Red Candle :stuck_out_tongue:

But if that’s what you want, I’ll keep going with Demon Manor :slight_smile:


Actually I have a better idea; I’ll write for Red Candle, but when my muse for that dies I’ll switch to Demon Manor, then back again, etc.


I was actually going to say, if you feel like doing something insane, perhaps combine them? They both have the same genre, so they could fit together in that regard. Perhaps the player still plays the fully customizable protagonist, and the other protagonist becomes an NPC who the main character can assist in making decisions. That way, you’ll be able to use your already done coding, but throw in the concept you actually want to write which will hopefully lead to even more coding! (Plus, from personal experience, trying to merge to stories together always leads to something amazing.)

Of course it might be too much effort for something you don’t think is worth it, and it might not work based on the stories you have planned, but hey, it’s a suggestion. Take what you will.


The two stories are actually fairly different, they just have some common setting elements. Demon Manor is about “Surviving and finding your friends” while Red Candle is more about “bond with your companions and solve puzzles”.

Still, if writing the two seperately fails miserably, I will go ahead and write the two together.


I like @SpaceLesbian suggestion in combining the stories :stuck_out_tongue: nifty

@Aquos_Boost i patiently await the demon manor and the woman trying to kill me :">


That’s what I have done with tattooed wings and dark prestige


@Aera the killer is of your gender so if you pick to play as a man, your killer’s a man >:)
@JLBH I’m just not as ambitious as that as a writer unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh? :expressionless: Still i like the idea of a woman tying to kill me than a man :x


@Aquos_Boost, I really liked what you had of Manor, but I’d also like to see Red Candle when you have a demo. It sounds good. In the end, I’d say to work on what you yourself would prefer.