I want to make a game about a guild


I want to make a game about something really mundane

I want to make a game about a career of a Craftsman in the guild system possibly during the 15th or 16th century latest 17th. Which could be pretty interesting but I’m curious of how to make the apprenticeship period Interesting!


A bunch of tests involving learning the trade… a bladesmith needs to learn how to make a blade first, then make better steel, then how to work the metal etc…


The tale of two tradesmen the Mason and the Carpenter. Timber versus stone!


I love that started because of the blacksmiths fire (…by burning down a home by accident and someone being saved)


To make a boring thing interesting you could use metaphors. For a forger (weapons) you could do something like.

“'Eh get your arse hammering this metal!”

Wow! I finally get to make a sword. “Thanks Smith!”

"Jus’ do it before I git out of the outhouse!

I feel the metal spreading cold like an infection through my skin. Battered edges and hardened handles show the history of the nigh destroyed sworn.
The flames lick the blade like a beast, and dance frenzicly around the blade. The heat draws hotter and hotter, the cauldrom like a dragon, and I a warrior.
The sword flays and whips against the dragon, cutting the scales of the beast.
Heat sears up my arm, and I then realise I almost burnt the sword. Whoops.
The hammer crashes down again and again, battered edges turning into a sword fit for a soldier. But, sadly, I am not warrior.
I hammer again. Harder.
Such is the life of a lowly apprentice.


I was thinking on between learning The Craft and maybe there’ll be like a random number Generator. That will give you a level of dickishness that your master. He may be an abusive treat you like a slave and drunk all the time beat you and hardly teach you trade. If that’s the case I will literally forced the main character down possible alternative career paths because you will not be able to learn the craft. On the higher end of the spectrum he could be like your father but if your dad was Santa Claus and he is a loving master gift you the knowledge of the “Mysteries” like no other. Of course that he will either be heartbroken or give you a loving hug you go out at night occasionally to get drunk bar and gamble since boys will be boys. But all reality almost every indentured contract it had clause that apprentices are not allowed to go out and drink and Gamble and whoring.


I don’t really know much about 15-17th century apprenticeships, but I think mundane scenarios can be where interpersonal conflict and relationships can shine. Like, maybe the MC has a rival. Maybe their motivation for the work’s tied to their family or it’s internal and just something they’re passionate about or etc Pretty much any setting can be made interesting, storywise.

The relationship with the apprentice’s master sounds like a really good idea. Why’s it random rather than a player choice? Is it like, the master’s personality changes based on the generator and then the player gets to decide how their MC’ll react?


I have several ideas of how your character landed apprenticeship. I was considering making it take place around the period of the Thirty Year War. You can control who your master is just like in real life you have good boss and poor bosses. But you can control how you react to it! And if you survive the apprenticeship period with all your teeth intact. Then there’s the wonderful journeyman years!!! Depending on tradition will be about 3 to 8 years of wandering!! Trust me that can get interesting!! Especially depending on where they travel to and who they worked under!


It also depends where the story takes place. The English system was different then the German and both of those were different from the Rus system… Depending on what trades you offer, I’d suggest the Hansa League or one of the Italian City states.


Ooh the Hansa could work into making a insanely adventurous game!


is the basic come to the game is following apart Apprentice ,journeyman to master. Depending on their ambition and maybe they can get on the guild Council eventually become Grandmaster maybe even Lord mayor. Then retire to a nice estate in the country as gentry. Or run off on a man of war and get captured by ottoman Turks work as a slave travel around Greece. If you end up getting kicked out of your trade maybe work your way up as mercenary and simple enough booty to actually start own free company. Then eventually carve out your own little principality in Italy or the Middle East if you work for the Ottomans.


Have you played The Guild? It’s a game about being a craft person and setting up a dynasty. I really enjoyed it. It’s a different genre though.


it doesn’t quite scratch the itch even thought I love it. I want focus on the social factor and difficulty of become master. Become master was huge deal it mean you where socially fully adult. You where made citizen of your “city” allowed to vote in guild and civic politics allowed own properly in the city etc. The Guild where for many city the locally administrated many of it districts. That poltical side there entire social side to as well. Most Journeyman could afford the fees cost the bribing of master or even sometime the marital need to make there masterpieces. That why you where of the Painter guild and got patron for nobility or royalty it allowed to break out of the system.


As @Eiwynn said very well, you can focus on the aspects of making a sword, for instance. That would also require research, if you want to be accurate.

But I think my major point would be to make interesting character dynamics. If you have personalities that contrast and complement each other in a way that captivates people, you can make good games.


That’s why we love the infinity sea series!! The relationship between the apprentice the master his family the town etc. The youth growing up in the countryside coming to the big city tomorrow trade! Make something of himself in the world!


Yeah, sort of. Apprentices and masters, co-workers, childhood loves, adversaries, peers and rivals. There’s a wide range of relationships to choose from. And I think you’ll manage if you put your mind to it.


Bah! This post title was bugging me. Being in a guild doesn’t sound mundane, or dull, and you make it sound unappealing with the title when your idea really isn’t.

Even mundane ideas, like Alter Ego though, can be interesting to play.

Anyway I tweaked the title slightly to be a little more specific about the game.


Each guild perform a different duty in keeping order and protect the city. Some where night watchmen other would rotate manning the wall. If I remember correctly if where certain age you where drill in the militia once month older apprentices journeyman would drill and the master where normal the officers. The guild themselves had all there own rules, custom rituals and saints they worships some member of guild where only allowed where certain type of clothing as mark of craft and statues.


Some hopefully interesting developments that might be used:

  1. The apprentice has to compete against several others for the trade. Does the apprentice cheat? Bribe the others? Appeal to his/her political contacts to secure the apprenticeship?
  2. After learning he/she has been accepted, the apprentice hears the master is considering changing his/her mind for a newly applied, well-experienced apprentice. How does the existing apprentice deal with this? Appeal to honor? Sabotage? Murder? And… what if this is not a real problem, but only the first challenge the master puts to the apprentice?
  3. Hours and hours at the craft has revealed to the apprentice an amazing development: there is a step in the process that can be done more effectively/efficiently than the master has taught. Does he/she speak to the master about it? Commit to the altered step on his/her own? Or abide by the process the master taught?
  4. The apprentice eventually out-skills the master. Does he/she usurp them? Retain them as advisor? Continue to adhere to his/her leadership despite surpassing him/her in the craft?
  5. The kingdom/province/state/nation requires a massive amount of crafted items. The master says it is impossible to provide them – but the apprentice knows that he/she can accomplish the task with many days of hard work and focus. Does he/she go against his/her master to do so? Will the master question the quality of the crafts produced? Will the kingdom/nation accept the items despite the master’s assertion that they are substandard? And how will the master deal with being betrayed by the apprentice in this situation?

Anyway, I think there are always entertaining developments in the most mundane of professions – look at The Office if you need an example of how strange and enjoyable even the most mundane tasks can be made given interesting circumstances and characters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for ideas!! You would have to be exceptionally skilled to beat greater! But you may have a chance;)