I want to delete my account ? is their anyway i can do this on here?


I want to delete my account.


Try insulting the moderation team with remarks such as “You flatulent mushrooms!” and “Damnable dephlogisticated cabbage-polishers!” - That should get your account “deleted” pretty quickly.


@Drazen I laughed way too hard at that.


@drazen don’t make me laugh hahaha. I only want it deleted because i wanna make a new account thats not connected to my facebook.


The moderators don’t have the ability to delete accounts. Jason or Dan might, you could try messaging them. Or just make your new account.


That makes me think I always wondered about that. Is Jason and Dan the same people with different account. Or two completely separate people that own and run cog?


@Drazen, you’re no doubt aware that “dephlogisticated” is a highly offensive term to the differently phlogisticised. Don’t make me come over there.

@Arcania, don’t forget the silent partner. Adam may not have a forum account, but he also co-owns CoG. I can vouch for him and Dan being different people… but I’ve yet to meet Jason in person, so it’s possible that he’s an alias.


@Arcania Which one is Master, and which is Blaster?


@Havenstone http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/photo/agynP1x_460sa.gif


@Drazen =/ @Havenstone so then there are 3 different people all co owning cog… Adam…no idea who that is…Jason and Dan…all running a certain part of cog or…something else…hmm


They all write and design games. Check the authors of the first few games. They’re all there.


Dan and I met on the first day of 8th grade. Dan and Adam went to college together. We are three people. :slight_smile:

Adam is an attorney, and was briefly teaching law before starting to do this full-time. Dan has always been a programmer (as well as a game-player), and still has his day-job working for Redfin. I worked in the fashion industry for seven years.


@jasonstevanhill So what you’re trying to say is that you’re Blaster.


yeaaaah. Pretty much.

eg I’m the one that gets to be the administrator of the forums. :slight_smile: