I think I'm addicted


I have purchased and read/played all of the following CoG and Hosted Games (most of which I have read/played through multiple times). I have also rated them on a scale of 1-10. If it has a “.5” then I just couldn’t decide if it was say a 7 or an 8, so I gave it a 7.5. I have rated these on their content, choices, re-playability, overall literacy, likability, and length.

Apex Patrol — 8
Broadsides — 7.5
Deathless — 9
Dilemma — 4
Dragon — 7
Heros Rise — 8
Heros Project — 9
Imprisoned — 4
Life of a Wizard — 8.5
Mobile Marine — 6
Necromancer — 7.5
Ninja — 6
NOLA is Burning — 7
Paradox Factor — 6
Romance (series) — 9
Showdown — 7
Sons of the Cherry — 5
The Race — 7
Trials of the Demon Hunter — 7.5
Unnatural — 7
Vampire — 9
Vampire 2 — 9.5
Way Walkers — 9
Way Walkers 2 — 9
Wizard’s Choice — 6
Zombies — 6

To see if I’m as addicted as I really think I am to reading and to CoG in general, answer some of my questions please.

* Have you read/played as many novels as I have? More? Less?

* Do you agree/disagree with my ratings? Why?


I’ve read every single title :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to say that I generally agree with your ratings, though I would personally add or subtract a point from some of them.

Btw, thanks for the good rating on Trial of the Demon Hunter :slight_smile:


@Sid lol you might be the only person that liked Vampire 2.



I didn’t enjoy Vampire 2 as much as its prequel, but I was thoroughly impressed at how long it was. Especially since I honestly thought it was like 100k until you mentioned that it was like 340k…


@Jasonstevanhill I don’t see why so many people disliked it or don’t like it as much as the other. I found both to be very well written and fun to read. I played through both of them more times than I could probably count. Lol. I can say the same about the Romance series, Heros Rise, and Deathless.

@Samuel_H_Young You’re welcome. Though you shouldn’t thank me for it - I should be thanking you for the entertainment you provided me. I can’t wait to see where the storyline goes. It has great potential and I still laugh every time I throw salt at the vampire. Lol.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m actually in the middle of a massive update (achievements, substantive editing, and 5,000 words of new content) so I hope you’ll enjoy it even more when that comes out.

I’m also finished with the beta testing for the sequel, and it’s currently being edited as well, so I suspect it’ll be published within the next couple months. And yeah, surprisingly a lot of people have found that hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, here’s my more elaborate response to your question:

Life of a Wizard - 9.5
Sabres of Infinity - 9
Way Walkers: University 2 - 8.5
Way Walkers: University - 8
Zombie Exodus - 8
Choice of the Dragon - 8
Choice of the Deathless - 8
Choice of Romance: Affairs of the Court - 8
Mecha Ace - 8
Choice of Broadsides - 8
Choice of the Vampire - 7.5
Choice of the Star Captain - 7.5
Neighbourhood Necromancer - 7.5
Tin Star - 7.5
Apex Patrol - 7
Eerie Estate Agent - 7
Choice of Kung Fu - 7
Reckless Space Pirates - 7
Unnatural - 7
Mobile Armored Marines - 7
The Race - 7
Choice of Zombies - 6.5
Choice of the Vampire: Fall of Memphis - 6.5
Planetary Quarantine - 6.5
The ORPHEUS Ruse - 6.5
Marine Raider - 6.5
Heroes Rise: The Hero Project - 6.5
Choice of the Ninja - 6
The Fleet - 6
Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck - 6
Showdown At Willow Creek - 6
The Nightmare Maze - 6
Choice of the Rock Star - 6
Wizard’s Choice - 6
Heroes Rise: The Prodigy - 6
Imprisoned - 6
Murder In Berlin - 6
Paradox Factor - 6
NOLA Is Burning - 5.5
Popcorn, Soda…Murder? - 5.5
To the City of the Clouds - 5
Dilemma - 5
Paranoia - 5
Zebulon - 5
Sons of the Cherry - 5
Burn(t) - 5
What Happened Last Night? - 5
Land of Three Classes - 4.5


@Samuel_H_Young That sounds awesome and might just raise that iffy 7.5 to an 8. Lol

Also I completely forgot about Reckless. I would give that a 7 as well. And I quite honestly forgot about Paranoia and Land of Three Classes as well: which I’d give a 4.5 and 4, respectively.

I noticed how you didn’t rate your own work. A bit afraid to put a good number up for yourself and look cocky? Lmao.

P.S. Another Deathless should be written. Lol. It was definitely one of my favorites. Now that I think about it I want to change that 9 to a 9.5. 8-X


Awww yeah xD!

I can agree with that (though I tend to be more lenient on the free ones)

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue: I’d be too biased…“Yeah, I’d say Trial of the Demon Hunter, is, oh, I don’t know…a TEN!” xD

I don’t think there will be a sequel, but I hope Gladstone will still write another CS novel in that same world.


Lol. Just don’t let it go to your head and keep up the good work.

I don’t really judge a book by its cover or price. I will read them all if they catch my eye or have good ratings. I’m into about any kind of book too. Lol. I’ll read romance, action, sci-fi, comedy, horror, drama, fantasy or a combination of any of those. It really doesn’t matter to me. It’s pretty much like music: sometimes I’m in the mood for classical or country, other times heavy metal.


I’m kinda the same way, but mainly when it comes to interactive fiction :stuck_out_tongue: I mainly read fantasy, otherwise.


Yes, interactive fiction does have a different kind of pull towards it. It is more alluring to me than any other kind of writing. Outside of them, I mainly read action/dramas like Dan Brown’s books; however, I find it much more fun to write fantasy or sci-fi with some action and a bit of romance tossed in.




I’d use the lower end of the spectrum more, myself–if 5 is average and 0 is unreadable, I think we’ve got some stuff that goes below a 4.

I also wonder if I’ve yet seen a 9. Maybe Sabres. But most of my top ten I’d rate as 7-8s. In rough order of preference:

Sabres of Infinity
Choice of the Star Captain
Paradox Factor
Tin Star
Zombie Exodus
Life of a Wizard
Mecha Ace
Choice of Romance: Affairs of the Court
Eerie Estate Agent
Neighbourhood Necromancer


I’d say 6 is more of average. Also, I didn’t wanna be too harsh to some of the lower ones xD

And yeah, those are all some really good ones.


I’m reading your guys’ lists and I’ll have to admit I’m a bit behind!

It’s been a long time since I’ve played Dragon and Romance, but I have to say my favorites are Zombie Exodus and Heroes Rise (I’d give them both 8s). I’m going to try Hero Project soon (after I’m a little further in my own project) since it looks like it’s better xD

Planetary Quarantine was a disappointment. I guess I just like to have different stats and actually have them mean something, not just read along with my decisions. It was well-written (at parts) but the ending was kind of (extremely) disappointing. So I’d give it a 5/10.

Choice of Zombies was probably a 6, compared to Zombie Exodus.
Choice of Broadsides I loved, though I haven’t tried Sabres of Infinity yet.

Thanks for the reccomendations!


Not to steer the thread off topic, but at the rate new releases are coming out, and considering the huuuuuuge number of WiPs and HGs in development, I wonder if reading the entire library will even be feasible in a year or two. It could possibly exceed 100 games!

@Havenstone, Star Captain is one of my tops too. I was so conflicted about what to do at the end!


I’m like @Samuel_H_Young, I’ve played every game at least once, many several times. I couldn’t really give scores, though I’d have to say that despite really strong contenders like Mecha Ace and Tin Star, my all-time favorite would have to be Choice of Dragon, even though it’s extremely short. Nostalgia probably plays a part in this, since it was the very first CoG title that I played.


Unfortunately, I haven’t read most of the gamebooks in the list but I am quite surprised to see a 6 for Wizard’s Choice. For me, it is a full 10 (or at least 9.5 if it really needs to be penalized for being linear).

Trial of the Demon Hunter is at least 9.5 too. Samuel just did everything right - the narrative, the choices, the battles.

I expect to give very high marks on Mecha Ace, Waywalker Uni, Life of a Wizard and Unnatural when I get to them but for now I tend to spend more time on writing than reading.


Wizard’s Choice is a really great story, but the things that brought it down is that there is zero customization and it’s very linear.

Thank you :slight_smile: I think you’ll like it even more after my new update.

Yeah, me too :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t read more than a couple pages a day in weeks xD

Yeah, definitely! There are already nearly 100 titles.

Yep :stuck_out_tongue: Dragon was my first CoG back in 2009. Nostalgia’s definitely a factor.


Lmao if it weren’t for Choice of the Dragon I wouldn’t be a CoG lover. I hadn’t heard of it until I stumbled across Choice of the Dragon in the App Store and decided I’d give it a try. I immediately fell in love with CoG after that. There is just one novel I’ve seen on other sites that I’m sad hasn’t been seen in here. I read Unnatural before it was ever on CoG and was surprised when I didn’t see Eternal on here joining it.

If you haven’t tried Eternal, you really should. It is really long (assuming you don’t die), but the story and the different paths you can take are amazing! Seriously it is a different story completely if you choose a different path. It is successfully 13 different stories masterfully weaved together into a novel. I highly reccomend anyone who enjoys CoG to try it out - though I would rate it as “adults only”. Lol.

I believe there is a link to it elsewhere here on CoG, but if you haven’t read it and don’t feel like searching for it… Here you go.