I, the Forgotten One Release Thread (1.2)

Really, really bad idea. I can totally see the Marshall having kids in the future, hell, I like the adopting a war orphan suggestion, but currently, as it is, they just are not in the right mental state for that kind of thing, not in the middle of the war itself, not when there are so many other things going on, Not when they’ve finally just started to pull themselves out of their hole


Edit: I disagree and don’t want a kid. I might be ok with an orphan. But remember the Marshall isn’t ‘fixed’ at the end.

Erased and modified on purpose.

Above comment was referring to a possible feature that could be added into the next game, I agree that what happens after that game is entirely up to player interpretation

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The Marshal already has their hands full raising one teenager as it is…


I know this is a old message but I replayed the game and the prisoners aren’t 6000, they merely are two thousand and a half, they’re not as significant as you thought they were. You can get 100 of them to join you and it’s quite likely that the other 2400 who left the camp may have died of many ways or simply returned back to their homes, so yeah, it isn’t much of a worry to leave them free after staying as prisoners.

Also, you can still encircle even if you tell the nobles that the king died.

You can? That’s something I’ve never been able to pull off, just wasn’t able to have enough cavalry to enforce the line

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I’ve been trying to model my army after the way I usually play Total War games, to mixed results.

“Marshal, are you sure we should have this many archers…?”
“You’re right, we should give the infantrymen a bow as well.”


That strategy works pretty well, having 1000 archers by the beginning of chapter 5 is enough for me to shoot dead any of my problems

Oh yeah… I totally forgot about Marshall’s mental state that isn’t very great to be looking after childrens since he is busy dealing with his family issues and such