I need help with my bank account.... Pls i need help


Hi im 16 names joseph i just saw this morning in my account that i have 4 charges on my account idk what happen im freaking out it says GOOGLE*socialpoint and he used $30.59 on my account! help me pls i need help!


Were the charges unauthorised? and does anyone else have access to your account? friends or family?

If any of the above is true then you should probably contact your bank or contact the company that is charging you.

Do you play Dragon City or Monster Legends? Because they are the main things that pop up when I search for GOOGLE*socialpoint.


Probably not going to get much useful here other than random googling of terms, and pretty much the only useful advice is call your bank.

They should be able to give you a lot more information than anyone here can, because Choice of Games has no connection to Social Point.