I need help with achievements

I’m having trouble with finding how to code in achievements, I already have the achievements in code however I don’t know the code to make the achievement bar please send help.
thanks in advance

what do you mean with ‘achievement bar’? do you mean the button you can click to see the achievements?

heard this for first time.

Yes sir

Try reading through this and see if it helps.

short version of the above:

in your startup you need to create these achievements before the *finish command and usually below the creates.

For visible ahcievements:

*achievement ACHIEVEMENTSHORT visible (points) NAME
   Text when it's not yet unlocked
   text when it has been unlocked

for hidden achievements:

*achievement ACHIEVEMENTSHORT hidden (points) NAME
   text when it has been unlocked

points can amount to a total of 1000 per game. and the ‘ACHIEVEMENTSHORT’ is whatever you named your achievement in the code. e.g. achievement1. NAME is the fancier title for the achievement

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