I need advise


I want to write a book, but I am not sure on how to start it. No this is not a choice book. But I thought maybe someone here could help me.
It’s about a guy in a plane crash over an island, many survive, and he becomes the leader of all these people. Little did he know danger is right around the corner.
I don’t know if I should start, with a dream. Or maybe background. Or maybe were everything starts to go wrong.
Any advise would help.


Certainly there’s many ways to go about it. The hardest aspect of writing is getting the reader interested as early as possible. The way I would probably try is page one, first sentence, he’s fighting to survive, maybe in the water during a storm and struggling to stay above the surface. Eventually he makes it to the island, gets his bearing, meets the others, etc. Sometime later, say a few chapters later, he has a flashback or a dream, maybe as far back as when he’s back at home with his family (assuming he has one). This would be a great opportunity for some background on the main character.


This really isn’t the best place to ask for advice in writing a book. If you google you’ll find plenty of resources to help you and other communities. I’d say the hardest part of writing is actually finishing your project. So just follow your gut instinct, write until you hit the end and worry about all the other stuff later.


How about you start first by introducing your hero :smiley: then slowly progress it to his departure on plane. He is able to observe the other passengers. Then plane going bad, it crash people die and some live. He sees the people he previously observed still alive. The survivors make a vote to who will be a de facto leader because the pilots are dead bwahahaha >:) As the your story progress betrayals are formed, etc. :smiley:


What about you do it as a flashback explaining the event then do more flashbacks keep going into detail about your accident until you tell everything and then you could go straight into a fight scene to get there attention back then you can explain little by little why there was a fight extc

Hope this helps



Ignore the fact that they’re trying to sell writing courses; lots of useful info there on just about everything you need to know.

That said, why not make it into Choice game? It sounds like an interesting plot, with lots of challenges to overcome and great potential for relationship dynamics to play a key role in the story, as that sort of situation tends to bring out both the best and worst in human nature.

Learning ChoiceScript itself is relatively easy, especially using something like the IDE once you’ve picked up the basics from CoG’s own website help pages:


Perhaps of most importance, with an online demo as things develop (just open a Dropbox account - it’s free and very easy to use) and a forum thread here for feedback, you’ll get lots of help & advice about how best to improve your story as you go along – from impartial readers rather than friends & family – and thereby perhaps gain the experience and confidence to one day write a ‘proper’ novel, or even convert the finished game into a full novel.


Everyone u have give me something to think about. i want to thank u for all the advise.


@Vendetta i went to the writersworkshop, and i think u had a good idea. The fact is i tried writing a choice game. it ended up conflicting with my moral. writing a book, i can make within my morals and still have a good book.
there r books on choiceofgames i wont read because of my morals.


Which books, if I may ask?


@emv1996, good luck with the book. If you do decide to make a choice game, please start a new thread for it. (For a Hosted Game, you know, there’s no requirement to include any specific choices – including the kind that I’m guessing you find morally unacceptable).

But as it’s not about choice games, I’m closing this thread.