I hope this makes everyone's day

-steps up to the counter- I’d like an iced coffee, with extra sugar and a large serving of chilli cheese fries, thank you.


You might be taking the metaphor a bit too literal. :wink:

i’m not, i’m just letting my sense of humor show by posting a “nod” to Jason’s metaphor.

I’m nodding to your nod to Jason’s metaphor XD

-stares back with jaw hanging slightly open-

These are the choices on the menu:

  1. Draconic Cortado
  2. Swashbuckler Brew
  3. Nosferatu con Leche
  4. Undead Macchiato
  5. Heroic Expresso
  6. Haunted Caffè Americano
  7. Star Captain’s Ale
  8. Cloud City’s Sweet Milk
  9. Intergalactic Alliance’s Red Eye
  10. Kung Fu Cappuccino
  11. Lady Luck’s Elixir of Good Fortune
  12. Raw Eggs
  13. Shinobi Flat White
  14. Le Café de L’amour
  15. Orpheus Concoction
  16. Willow Creek Whiskey
  17. Galactic Rum
  18. Greater Potion of Undeath
  19. Groovy Hawaiano
  20. Burnt NOLA Coffee
  21. Necromancer’s Mixture
  22. Mecha Action Figure (Not to be consumed!)
  23. Seasoned Yeti Venison
  24. Unlucky Diamond (This one is free.)
  25. Moon Rock (These come from the Apollo 18 voyage.)
  26. Lesser Potion of Pyrokinesis
  27. Salted Nuts ‘n’ Bolts
  28. Monster Mashed Potatoes

Where do you see Chili Cheese Fries on the menu?!!11!1!1!!1!!one!1!!111!!!1!


You forgot the hosted games!

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i would like one of everything XD

Oh, lordie.
-takes deep breath-
This might take a while…

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