I have to say thank you to all who write


Having been here - on and off - for some time now, I just feel I want to say thank you to all of you who write; a thank you for sharing with us a world which, until you decided to share it with the rest of us, was hidden inside of you.

I think all of us here love to explore new worlds, worlds we never could visit otherwise. Worlds we ourselves may not have imagined, but now lay before us in all their marvel. We may find ourselves making a home in a previously unknown world, now alive before us.

Not only that, but we also get to know people who only lived in your mind until you introduced us - people who often become alive to us, we feel for, be it love or hate or anything else in the human spectra. They become our friends and our enemies.

Simply, thank you for sharing your worlds with us.


Well then, let me self-appoint myself as the representative of the Authors :black_flag: and say:



This meant a lot to me. Thanks. It will provide the fuel to keep me writing today!


Preciating the luv!

As for sharing the world’s we hide away.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


Had to lol


I’m fighting the urge to just post that song from Moanna as a response.


Really, thanks a lot! I echo @Gower in that words such as these provide great inspiration!


Oh, please stop fighting that poor urge. I started singing ‘You’re welcome’ to my husband after we watched Moana - and now neither of us can say ‘thank you’ without the other ‘singing’… :smile:

So… Thank you. :grin:

If my post of gratitude can inspire any of you folks, then today has been a good, nay, an excellent day. :blush:


As a story weaver the worlds we create start off as little towns and it’s through the readers that they become worlds.

Writing a story is hard work even when you’re enjoying it. There are high moments and low moments. Days it just flows onto the page, and days your looking at the same blank page without a clue what comes next.

For a writer telling them you enjoyed their work, probing and being invested in their world. These are what fuels the fire of the author. So to all readers past, present and future we thank you for joining the wild ride of story telling :slight_smile:



You’re to L8! M8!
:running_man: :fog: