I have a question CoG and Hosted


What the difference about CoG and Hosted? Why bother seperating your games?


Hosted games are made by the community while CoG are made by the actual CoG people (can’t explain it better)


Hosted Games are self-published, so quality can be hit and miss with the authors needing to provide their own editing etc. (There are indeed quite a few gems under the Hosted Games label)

CoG titles, on the other hand, are more like traditionally published books. They handle all of the editing and such.


Yes, the CoG titles go through extensive editing throughout the writing process, guiding the author on CoG’s preferred and best practices. It is gentile and sophisticated. :necktie: :gem::eyeglasses:

HG authors are out in the Wild West :gun::cactus::moneybag:, fending for themselves but also making (pretty much) all their own decisions as to content (assuming it’s in English, no copyright violations, etc.).


I’m glad that you posted here actually, HornHeadFan, because I can ask something. I saw in another thread that you mentioned that you ended up going the Hosted Games route for one reason or another. I imagine it must have been more to do with conflicts when it comes to what you wanted and what CoG wanted? It’s not that I plan to go the CoG route, but it does show why I’d prefer the ‘lone wolf’ route. Merely curious anyway. (I’m open to PMs if you’d rather not discuss it openly or whatever. If you don’t feel like answering at all, it’s quite understandable.)


I’ve talked openly about it - nothing secret about it at all - but to prevent threadjacking, I’ll PM you.


I’m curious, too! @HornHeadFan


The official Choice of Games have certain content requirements. Hosted Games, on the other hand, do not. The most obvious difference is that a Choice game cannot be gender locked while a Hosted game can.

Assuming your game is good enough, and assuming it satisfies the criteria, it can be published as a Choice game and will receive extra editing, marketing, artistic support, etc. On the other hand, the Hosted label gives you pretty much free rein to write whatever you want. I wouldn’t personally say there’s an automatic difference in quality between the two, and the quality of the game isn’t what determines whether it goes on the Choice label or the Hosted label (so far as I know). Having said that, however, it’s fair to assume that Choice games will always be good while Hosted games are not necessary so. Though most are.


your explanation is the most easiest that i understand :smiley: