I, Cyborg — Outfly, outshoot, and outwit all your enemies!



Wait wasn’t there a scene where once you learned of the tracker, abore the ship after Ypsilanti kidnaps you and tell you about the track that there’s a flashback where there’s a phrase. “-you won’t even remember this conversation” in the workshop?


Yes, she’s saying you won’t remember it because the tracker itself will make you forget. It’s impossible for the cyborg to be aware of it’s existence until it’s activated.

To quote Ypsilanti:

“According to the manual, while the locator’s in sleep mode its interface prevents the cyborg mind from noticing it’s there,” Ypsilanti said. “Nice to know that wasn’t just hype.”

And to quote Smarasdottir:

“Well, I don’t have the key to access the locator controls, so this conversation would be pointless even if you could remember it,”

She wasn’t betraying you, she just couldn’t do anything and had no way of telling you about it, because the tracker makes you forget.


Ok. So it’s like the Silence from doctor who then? Any bit of info about it erases itself?


I think so, only it’s less erased and more ignored. Like if you’re rescuing Pehlivan and they say you’re emitting a low-frequency noise, and you just ignore them because you can’t find any such noise.


Yeah, I wondered about that scene. I haven’t gone back to replay just yet, but I take it there’s no way to get Pehlivan to disable the tracker or anything?


Ok but

_“Looks like somewhere along the line you met someone who didn’t want to say goodbye for good,” Smáradóttir says. _

_ But you don’t respond._

Why can’t you respond? Wouldn’t Smáradóttir think somethings up?

Or have I just gone insane that ANOTHER CoG friendly knew something the player didn’t?


I think so, pretty sure there’s no way to stop Ypsilanti from grabbing us.

@Alorix I think you can’t respond because of the tracker. We already know the tracker can hijack our bodies when Ypsilanti shows up, it’s pretty plausible that it can cause you to ignore Smaradottir altogether until she stops talking about the bus. Smaradottir definitely thinks somethings up, but she can’t do anything about it. She says the tracker needs an access key she doesn’t have, so she can’t disable it, and she can’t tell you about it because it’s impossible for you to be aware of the tracker.


What IS it then? Why couldn’t it just have been torn out?


I don’t know, I assume it’s just a simple piece of hardware somewhere in our chest, but I’d guess it can’t be torn out either because it’s either attached extremely tightly, or because it’s nestled somewhere deep and close enough to our brain that yanking it out would risk seriously damaging our internal components. It could do with an explanation in story, maybe I’ve missed it, but those are my best guesses.


I didn’t see any explanation so i guess it’s one of those “It happened, accept it” things.


Was there a way to kill Ypsilanti In game?


I just finished it. It’s a great game. I really love your style. Did you write any other book?
I also noticed your one of the few writers that doesn’t add the “non-binary” option; I’m not complaining about it lol


i just finished this game last night and absolutely LOVED it!! i’ve always been a sucker for games where you play as a robot, and i’m an equally big sucker for space western stories, so this pretty much felt like it was made for me and it did NOT disappoint.
i really hope it starts getting more loved soon, it deserves to have WAY more than just 72 posts in its thread


Say, anyone knows how to win the airshow? I got the best ship, had shooting and flying stats above 70 and yet nothing. What does the game want from me???


When choosing your approaches to flying or gunning, you should pay attention to the wording and make sure it matches up to your stats.

Also, if you may want to avoid shooting Wynne down if you have been because that will lower your score.


Thanks! I’ve sold a fair amount of shorter stories, but I don’t have a book out. This list of stories I’ve sold has links to the ones that are available online, and my Amazon author page has the anthologies and some Kindle-friendly version of stories that originally came out in print.


Not that I know of, but Wayne can kill him/her


A little late, but I noticed an error while defending Pehlivan from Kishore.

After saving Pehlivan, I chose the option “Pehlivan trusted me to save her. I wouldn’t have guessed that.” and was told that I had tried and failed to kill her, even though I successfully defended her. Similarly, if you try and fail to kill whoever is being attacked, the text implies that they were right to trust you even though you betrayed them.


Best place to send bug catches:



Let me hunt this down - thanks!