I can't code, anyone willing to help?

I can’t code worth a crap, I have the story if anyone wants to collaborate that would be amazing. Please?

I changed your title as it is against the rules to ask for a coder. It might help to find some interest if you gives us some details about the game.

I am a beginning coder looking to dive in the world of choicescript programming. If you are willing to take a plunge into making a game, I can be your coder. All you need to do is PM me and we can get talking.

I would also be willing to do some ChoiceScript code if someone else does the heavy lifting in the writing part, but we need more details about the story before deciding whether we want to code for it.

I started a thread about the game, it has all the details in it. thread called Spartan.

Thanks LordIrish for drawing people’s attention to the rules:

“If you’re a writer, don’t advertise for coders. Most people here fancy themselves writers, not programmers. If you’re a coder that wants to pair up with a writer, feel free to say so. But advertising for coders is just cluttering the forums.”

Looks like your edit to the thread title was reversed. Anyway, please don’t ask for coders, folks.