I Can Hear You Neighbor (WIP)

I Can Hear You Neighbor is an interactive story game that is still in development.

The plot revolves around you moving into an apartment with walls so thin that you can hear your neighbor’s voice and any other type of noise. Will you listen to it or simply ignore it? It’s all up to you. :wink:

I intend to keep this story short, perhaps about 50k words. However, I am hoping that I will be able to write at least 100k words.

There is currently 1 chapter and 1693 words (excluding command lines) in the story.
As soon as I finish the first five chapters, I’ll provide game art (wallpapers, character art and backgrounds).

Link: I Can Hear You Neighbor (dashingdon.com)


Nice opening! I would suggest letting the reader pick how they refer to their parents though - I’m British so I might be mistaken but I am uncertain whether people outside the American Midwest use Ma and Pa? :sweat_smile:


So it’s a story about hell, then? :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion :+1:I’ll update the story in a couple days.


40% yes :wink:


Love what you got so far. Couple of questions. Are you going to add a save function? And is there romance in it (if so, any chance of a description of the RO’s)?

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  1. Yes, I’ll add a save function in the next update.

  2. Yes, it has romance in it. I’m also working on some ahem le-lew-le ahem R18 stuff or maybe not. :wink: There are 3 possible RO partners available on the story.

  3. Character Descriptions will be added in the “stats” menu after I finished the first 5 chapters of the story.


Hello, I implemented your suggestion into the game. You can now choose how you refer to your parents. Any type of suggestion is welcome; thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

More updates will be posted every week, or perhaps none at all lol. :eyes:


Hello, I added a save function in the game. You can now save your progress. Any type of suggestion is appreciated; thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Updates will be posted once a week, or perhaps none at all lol. :eyes:


Current Wordcount(Uploaded and edited): 2093 words

Wordcount(Unedited/Not Uploaded): 6303 words

More updates will be posted every week, or perhaps none at all lol. :eyes:


I’m very interested in this Wip I don’t have any useful feedback I just wanted to say that I really like this story idea and I can’t wait to see how the story goes you’ve made me feel like I’m waiting for an episode of an anime or tv show that I’m really into and you’ve done this with less than a chapter it amazes me



Thank you for your feedback; I sincerely appreciate it.

I’ll post updates once a week, or maybe not.:eyes:


For a moment I thought we’re talking about a lewd ghost. Were we?

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“Lewds?” :scream:

Sorry, there are no L-Le-Lewds in the story… hehe… :eyes:

Actually, yes. I’m coming up with a lot of ideas on how to use the Le-le-lew, ahem… R18 stuff in the plot and the romantic scenarios for each romantic partner. :wink:

However, I want to thank you for giving me a new idea on a new story I’m going to make after finishing this one.

Imagine a “Naughty ghost teasing you for your kinks” story idea.

Sheeeesh. I smell LEWDS HERE. :wink:



There are some bugs for now (NPC names and some words getting mixed up in some areas).

I’ll edit the code in the next update.

Edit: I can’t sleep if I know there’s a bug in my code, so I fixed it quickly as possible.


Interesting premise! I’m looking forward to see how our daily life integrates into the time we spend in the apartment.

The $300 discount just for helping with a grocery bag :eyes: lol it was a nice funny moment

Few Errors:

The end quotation should be next to the comma instead of being adjacent to ‘she’

And when we’re shopping, the currency we have isn’t updating real time. I purchased every item, but only after checking out the money at hand is getting updated. Like I know we still haven’t purchased the items yet, so the money is still with us, but having it update with each choice would be less of a hassle to readers.

Also, might I suggest to create separate save slots for your game? Right now I think it’s using the common slots available for every game. I’m not a coder, so other coders in the forum would be of more help, but from what I’ve read in other WIPs, I think you have to replace the “my game” text in the save plugin with a different name? Then everyone can create separate saves for this game, and you can increase the number of slots too!

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Thanks for letting me know about the error. I’ll update that specific scene you mentioned as well as the code tomorrow. I’ll also update the save function. Thanks again :blush:.


Hi! @UnknownCharacter

The Save function is now updated.

The discount is also updated (-$50)

I removed the “cash” display when buying the items from the store.

Fixed the quotation ," she"

More updates will be posted once a week, or maybe none at all👀

Thank you!:blush:


this could really go on so many ways and you have my interest :eyes:

pronoun, character name (?), mc name

i choose the character to be a man and it changed half way. also idk if the name used for that character is the right one as well. (ill refer to them as R for now) R mentioned the mc’s name before so i think it would be weird if the mc mentions their name again. also, the wrong name was used on my mc when he introduced himself

i also pick for the character here to be a man

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Thanks for letting me know about this error. I’ll update it tomorrow.

Thanks again😊

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