I can buy Cog games now how 3 i must buy?


My grandma give me a tablet this christmas so i can buy and support this magnific games. I have two clearly in my mind Zombie exodus and Way Walker
I got money to pick 3 more
I never want after the horrible demo the fairy house and the temple of clouds.
So i want opinions feedback ( i will buy eventually all for support but this month only five)


Choice of Romance/intrigue
Choice of the Vampire
Wizard’s Choice

any of these games would be a very solid choice


Personally, I would recommend Choice of Kung Fu but I suppose not everybody will be interested in the oriental setting. The Fleet was also quite good. However, it really boils down to what type of setting you are more interested in.
I suggest you wait a little longer for games like Choice of the Vampire 2 which I believe should be coming out soon. I’m not too sure about the release date but well, it seems to be in the beta stage now.


I thought Heroes Rise: The Prodigy was good; I bought it and love it. And Zombie Exodus too, you buy the parts after the second part but it’s affordable, the download’s free, and it’s exceptionally fun.


Kung fu was good from what I could have seen. I also liked waywalkers, but the super hero’s game was good.


Heroes rise i play it when i was free online so i wait to buy it choice of romance the same also i beta the vampires 2 so i wait the release to buy the two same time. What about the fleat and bloobs are the same level apex patrol demo are so shorts!
Yes kunfu sounds cool but i can be bad? I dont love be tipical hero


“Choice of the Vampire”
“Zombie Exodus”
“Apex Patrol”

In my opinion, these are the ones you should get. However, I’m sure others will have different suggestions- it all comes down to personal preference in the end.


Heroes Rise is my personal favorite. I’d also recommend Choice of the Dragon, which is free.

  1. Way Walker University
  2. Zombie Exodus
  3. Choice of Kung-Fu

(no the numbers aren’t wrong)

If you’re happy with the demo, then I suggest The Fleet.

Heroes Rise only if you’re happy with a faux game, I understand it’s very railroaded.

The rest (that are pay-only) don’t deserve your money and everything else is free. (EDIT; Actually I haven’t bought Eerie estate agent so I won’t comment on that, but for the others the comment stands.)


Pitching a vote for Way Walkers University here. Eerie Estate Agent is fun as hell. At least, it was for me.


Eerie Estate Agent pissed me off. I could never win the contest between me and my Archnemesis…that bastard. He cheated.


I actually won against him. lol


Too soon Farside. Too soon. [-(


heroes rise
choice of kungfu
… no idea


I also thought Eerie Estate Agent was fantastic. But if you didn’t like the demo, MaraJade, on top of the two you’ve already picked I’d recommend

* Choice of the Star Captain
* Heroes Rise
* Choice of Kung Fu


Choice of romance is free isn’t it ?


Yes but sequel not


Choice of vampire - big fan and has to be at the top of my list
Choice of broadsides.
Kung fu or the fleet weren’t bad either.
I have to admit I really like marine raider even tho it’s as short as it is…